Diversity mod only makes changes the AI can actually take advantage of. No more orbital units that let you instantly dominate the field with no resistance, or shield of the way which makes you invincible to even 7 supreme AIs against you (it does, I tested it).

Diversity means that each faction has a different playing style and is better suited for different situations. The Aeon now have advanced shields which allow all t1-t3 ground and sea units to project a very weak (100hp) bubble shield around themselves to help protect other units. Aeons have been retooled to be the turtle's dream.

Cybran now have regenerative land and sea units and their sea units have a substantial increase in health. Cybran T3 spyplanes are now inefficient, but highly mobile, t3 engineers. The Cybran also have units that cost less to build and build faster, allowing you to effectively rush.

The UEF have stronger strategic weapons. If you liked playing with artillery and missiles, they are for you. They have stronger missiles (as in 2-3x stronger) with more splash damage and longer range. Their nukes are second to none in damage and damage radius. Their artillery fires faster and does more damage, and those beloved Flapjacks now can outrange pretty much any unit and fire devastating tactical missiles from a safe distance.

You must decide who you like best. The factions are now much more diverse without adding or removing any units. Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, are you bored of even the tech AI refusing to adequitely defend itself? This mod has an enhanced Tech AI (the first AI in the list, also called Tech, but its much better) that builds a shield generator every time it builds a t2 or t3 power plant. It also loves building t4 units and artillery. It plays best on larger maps where it has about 20-30 minutes to dig in before being sieged. Once it is dug in, it will take all your SupCom skills to dig it out (with the turtly nature of this AI, Aeon work well for it).

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Quest for the Perfect AI


When you play single player, you can defeat your opponent fairly easily due to all kinds of handicaps and non-optimized build sequences. But online, people are nasty. They magically have 20 t2 units on you within 5 minutes, they magically have the ultimate defense screen up when you come to rush.

For this mod, I want to create an optimized AI series that plays the way these players do. I am studying replays and such trying to get it to work, but I need YOUR help to make this happen. If you are a good supcom player (consistantly win more than 60% of matches) then submit your build sequence (as in what do you do when you start the game thru the first 10 min).

I am already working on a prototype AI that uses the following build sequence:

Mass Extractor x2
Power Plant x3
Land Factory

Then it starts building 5 engineers from the land factory. 2 assist the factory and the others find resources.

Mass Extractor x2
Power Plant x2
Land Factory

It builds 5 more engineers from it which go get mass. Then it spam builds resource engineers.

Power Plant x5
Upgrade a Factory to T2
Start building t2 units

Then it will build the famous "Diagonal Line" of fabricators and power plants (2 plants on outside 1 fab on inside) using engineers.

Upgrade other factory.

When it reaches 10 units do a preemptive strike.

Then the normal teching up will start and it will go to t3.

While this is a viable plan, it is certainly not the only one. Please send in your building ques to , or you can submit them at ModDB using the mailing feature.

Lots of people want a multiplayer-level challenge while being able to use custom maps and mods that are not popular or in wide circulation. This AI will help make the mod more usable by people who have simply grown bored with the old supcom AI.

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The Diversity Mod - Final

The Diversity Mod - Final

Full Version 2 comments

Some minor fixes and AI changes. Installation howto is in archive. It adds some new AI features, among other things, that make the mod much more interesting...

Diversity AI - BETA

Diversity AI - BETA

Full Version

The Beta for the Diversity Mod. Instructions for installation are included in the archive.


Game won't even start after copying the contents of "MANUALLY" to the gamedata folder. Works fine when I delete em again.
My best guess is that Diversity doesn't work with either steam or Forged Alliance. I'm aware that this mod is over 2 years old, but I'm hoping someone can help me out anyway.

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Very good mod.Changes the feel of the game alot.

It is also interesting to point out how you made the factions base on a particalur game type.I would have guessed taht the factions be balanced differently though.UEF for defence,Aeon for defense killer and cybrans offense.I mean,the UEF are the least advanced,they would emphasize more on defense,Aeon are the most advanced in the game,they should emphasize more on killing defense,cybrans being the same as in your mod.

Still,I like your mod alot.

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I see here... defense(aeon), offense(cybran), and defense-breaking(UEF). It's like rock,paper,scissors perfectly. defense-breaking -> defense -> offense -> defense-breaking. Have a game with all 3 armies, each one attacking who they counter and each side of nearly equal skill, and you'll have a of people each playing how they want and staying in perfect balance. The balance is created when a side starts winning and destroying who they counter but that relieves pressure on the one they're countered by which leaves their counter open to attack the dominating side. BRILLIANT!

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Excellent job, Imma gonna tell everyone with supcom to check this out

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i had a go on the BETA and i have to say that i really enjoy the changes, please keep up the good work. :)

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very nise!

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