What if GDI and Nod failed to defeat CABAL during the Firestorm Crisis? With both organizations destroyed by CABAL, nothing was stopping the rogue AI from conquering the world, replacing humanity with cybernetics. The Forgotten, out of the way for much of the Firestorm Crisis, now find themselves being hunted down, conflicted between fortifying their sanctuaries and actively waging a guerrilla war for their own survival. The years of unchecked Tiberium growth would also eventually attract the Scrin, expecting Earth to be devoid of hostile life. Their ignorance would only end up thrusting them into the war between CABAL and the Forgotten mutants, a dangerous situation due to their unpreparedness but their desire for the Tiberium Ichor drives them to destroy anything that stands in their way. A new Tiberium War is about to begin between CABAL, the Forgotten, and the Scrin. Conquest, survival, addiction. For whom will you fight for?

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Meet the Wasteland Scavengers
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I love it!

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Good job!
So, we know the Nod/Allied/GLA-like partisan dudes.
Who is/will be the Powerhouse in Forgotten?

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those trucks...
Mad Max, CnC-style

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"Live to ride, ride to survive!"

Having lived in the desolate wastes for all their lives ever since they left the safety of the Sanctuaries, the Wasteland Scavengers are arguably the hardiest of the three major Forgotten clans. Resourceful and pragmatic, they are opportunists who do not hesitate to plunder one another or even the other clans when given the chance and are always on the look out for lost technology that they can reverse-engineer using whatever scraps they have laying around. Everything is fair game for them and they do not let trivial things such as codes of honor or moral conscience hinder them, for they understand the number one rule of the wastelands: only the strongest will survive. And they will do anything to live a day longer than the next guy...

While their arsenal is rather underwhelming, no surprise given their lack of industrial strength and heavy emphasis on improvisation, the Wasteland Scavengers are not to be underestimated. They are masters of guerrilla warfare, using hit 'n' run tactics, limited stealth abilities, decoys, hijackings, and EMP and incendiary weapons to outwit, outlast, and outmaneuver their enemies.

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