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The Deluge introduces useful in-game console command system. Here's a list of available commands - both for server admins and common players.

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What are those in-game console commands?

Console commands at first were ment to be admin-only tools. I wrote them to speed up some processes (like applying ban or kick, swapping teams...). Then I added some more commands which I though could be usefull also for normal players.

How to use those commands?

Just use your global or team chat. Every message that starts with "/" sign, will be interpreted as a command to server and therefore it will be not displayed in the chat.

List of commands:

- /help – shows all available commands

- /time – shows current time and date

- /rules – show server rules
- /server – show server info
- /map – show the name of current map

- /die – commit suicide
- /myid – shows your player nr, your Warband ID and your IP adress
- /hidepolls – you’ll not see nor take part in any poll (it's like instant Abstain)
- /showpolls – bring polls back after hiding them

- /nochat on – (no chat) – disables incoming chat messages. Chat is neither shown, nor logged. Type /nochat to enable chat back.
- /notchat on – (no team chat) – disables team chat messages. Team chat is neither shown, nor logged. Type /notchat to enable team chat back.
- /whisper [player_number] [text] – sends a [text] message visible only to player of chosen [number]. For example, writting "/whisper 3 hello mate!" will send "hello mate!" text to player no.3 (see players' ID numbers on score board).

- /cameraman on – usable for recording movies. Hides UI elements and chat messages. Use "/cameraman" to turn off.

List of Admin-only Commands:

- /ahelp – shows available admin commands

- /permban [number] – (PERManent BAN) – this command will ban permanently player of chosen number. For example, writting "/permban 5" will permanently ban player no.5. (see players' ID numbers on score board)
- /tempban [number] – (TEMPorary BAN) – this command will ban temporary (for an hour) player of chosen number.
- /kick [number] – this command will kick player of chosen number out of the server.

- /npermban [name] – (Name PERManent BAN) – Same as "/permban", but uses player name instead of player number. You can write only beginning of the name to have person banned. For example, if you'll write "/npermban th" the first player, whose name starts with "th" letters will be banned. Case insensitive.
- /ntempban [name] – (Name TEMPorary BAN) – Same as above, but will ban only for an hour.
- /nkick [name] – (Name KICK) – Same as above, but will just kick player out.

- /adme [text] – (ADmin MEssage) – send admin message, which is visible on the middle of the screen, to all players. Same as in Admin Options... but quicker. ;) For example, writting "/adme Behave, you puny mortals!" will send "Behave, you puny mortals!" message to all players.
- /servme [text] – (SERVer MEssage) – display server message in the lower left corner. Can be used for announcements. More "neutral", not as "aggressive" as admin message.

- /polls off – disable sending poll for everybody. Type /polls to enable polls back. Gets reset after some time if admin is not around.
- /swapteams – swaps teams.

- /listtk – (LIST TeamKillers) – shows a list of teamkillers, their ID's and amount of TK's they have commited.
- /autokick [number] – sets the number of teamkills after which player will be autokicked by server (0 – off).

- /mute [number] – mute/unmute (for all) player of chosen number.
- /slay [number] – kill player of chosen number. -1 to kill all.
- /freeze [number] – freeze/unfreeze player. -2 =freeze all, -1 =unfreeze all.
- /heal [number]– heals player of chosen number. -1 to heal all.
- /teleport [number] – teleports player of chosen number to the spawn point.

- /killbots – kills all bots.
- /killhorses – kills all stray horses.

- /spchat on - (SPectator CHAT) – spectator chat is visible to all. Type just /spchat to turn off. Gets reset after some time if admin is not around.
- /deadchat on – (DEAD CHAT) – dead player’s chat is visible to all. Type just /deadchat to turn off. Gets reset after some time if admin is not around.

- /revive [number] – usable only on Invasion. Forces chosen dead player to respawn in next round. /revive -1 to force-respawn all.
- /refill [number] – Refills player ammo. /refill -1 to refill all players.


I don't know how to use chat

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