The Delta Sector is a modification for FarCry which will meet the highest quality expectations and will use the full capacity of the Cryengine 1. There will be new weapons, new vehicles and new enemies in this mod. You are a member of a special forces team. It's your job to check what's happening in eastern Europe, because many military forces accumulate in one area.

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The mod looks really great and...that`s it.


great mod,one of my fav. i love the weapon sound, gameplay, maps all excelent, i love the terrain and the camoed enemy, you need to be very carefull if you want to survive

An surprisingly well paced mod with plenty of new weapons to offer as you traverse through gorgeous levels... or rather, all 3 of them.

While the graphics are stunning and custom content is top notch, it's disappointingly short.

However, there are 3 custom single-player maps available for the mod (2 of which were developed by Sniper, a Prolific Far Cry Mapper known for his attention to detail and excellent game-play) with differing settings and objectives, so there is no need to feel down for long.

Give the single-player campaign a ride and then jump on in to the 3 rather long single-player levels, you can find them on under single-player maps!

Three levels :/


The most lovly outdoor design in non-commercial mod.


This mods looks really good even if we are not on the paradise island, is fun, different.


Skizzo says

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Great looking mod, but the gameplay is somehow repetitive, confusing and too hard.

Best far cry mod EVER!


Marek33 says

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This is very good mod.
New weapons ,new textures and Awesome graphic but only 3 misson so 9/10.


Amazing Leveldesign 10/10! but strangly the difficulty was a little too hardcore for me. For example the snow map was really hard for me in difficult mode. Too many trees and bushes that hides the enemy. It feels like hide and seek because they always camp. It could be done more player friendlier.

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The mod looks really great and...that`s it.

Jun 23 2009 by Szczekus