This is a completely custom story without a story! There are only monsters and scares. I apologize for appearing bugs or strange textures! Have fun with the story!

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This is the first Custom Story that i have EVER played that i refuse to finish.
That's all i really have to say and in future if you create mods make sure you check that it has no bugs/glitches.

No good. So it seemed to be fine up until the lobby area, it was actually interesting. So when your each the lobby, there are four doors, three of them locked, you have t go into the unlocked one, which has extremely obnoxious music but ends after 2ish minutes, or you can just save and load. Either way, got stuck here, door wouldn't open, crowbar did jack ****, and thus it ended there. This has nothing going for it.


Broken textures, bad lighting, bad prop placement. It's your typical random custom story to "troll" you that looks like it was made by a toddler.

This good, sometimes scares earlier had downloaded the same one that almost at the end I was saying mistake but downloading the patch I walked to the end of the custom story
I had to laugh when I appeared on the music and monsters in bed ajajjajajaja


RIP amnesia and god bless you

Glitching textures, terrible music choices, etc.

This is one of the best Stories i've ever played. Some glitches like the fatal error door, but this soon will be patched.


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