The Dark Secret Part1. The year is 2002 in a small town in England. The name is Smallburg and early one summer morning when a motorbiker stopped by the road did not reach farther. Instead of not turning back, as he should have done...He found a path into the Mount, which subsequently leads to this deserted house. Tesley House.

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Part 1.
Yeah random death traps galore... trial and error and its worst.. and whats worse is not only does the ground break sending you to your death on regular basis, but also parts of walls around you fall for no real reason, like the game is taunting you "Thats right, You're going to randomly die all the time, BOO!! HA HA!!". If the mod was trying to be creepy and surreal then it failed. Its annoying. I might have overlooked it to if the levels weren't so bland, big and empty. If part 2 is like this then I won't play it.
Oh yeah and its got a few of the dreaded "invisible walls". If you don't want me to go somewhere then put rubble or something... anything.
(like when I jumped across the bridge that broke alot).

Part 2
The map you start in looks like a city, but don't be fooled. There's no freedom here. What little exploration you get down a second path, goes to a dead end with no items to find. You here some sounds of laughter from a near by pub but you can't go in. Once you figure out what to do and break the lock you are in a train which suddenly stops and things go wrong. A improvement over the first, but now it still has large bland maps and instead of death traps you fight powerful invisible monsters... -_-

Part 3
Looked a little bit like They Hunger when I first started, it was interesting at first and showed some promise, I found the streets to be quite nice looking but the enemies to be a little annoying to fight. The first monster you have to get passed without enough ammo to kill it. I got over to a radio and heard someone saying they need help but I went across to a billboard and jumped down but couldn't jump down to the street and couldn't jump up back on the building... that's right, another invisible wall.
Badly aligned textures, no auto saves, getting stuck in between level transitions. Getting stuck..
I gave up on this.


Clunky mapping. This is an orgy of a mod. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

I was rather disappointed by these two mods.

The First failed to work, since I do not have a WON instal, nor do I wish to seek a WON cd on ebay or amazon.

The second, while I've heard is much better then the first, was infuriating to play.

Some of the enemies are invisible and the game doesn't give me enough health or even ammo to continue in some portions.
Other times, I'm never sure where I should go or what to do. It's actually quite unfair in some portions.
I rarely judge a mod by it's attention to detail negatively, ESPECIALLY on Half-life, but the levels are simply too bare. There's no life in these depressing levels and the only enemies for the most part are invisible and take eons to kill! and everything is too smooth and similar, giving me no direction in open areas and no indication of which door I can interact with. It's all trial and error.
I gave up when I entered the motel, I simply got lost after killing the lone zombie.

I can see that a lot of work went into making this, but I simply don't have the time, will and patience to continue.

Even devoted half-life fans should stay clear.


A lot of bugs, especially Part 3... There are a lot of maps amongst all of 3 parts of the mod with leaks, so this is causing the problem with wrong transfer of models from one map to another, finally this gives you low FPS and visual glitches.

very bad maping !!!

Not a bad mod, though it seems to crash every now and then...


This mod is so cool!

With many traps ohh i'm died so many

There's a lot of bug and mapping gameplay is so bad :( But the story is so good and I think part 2 ending is bug?can you fix it?



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