THE DARK MOD was once a total conversion of Doom 3, and is now a STANDALONE GAME with the release of TDM 2.0! A dark and moody stealth game, inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios.


The entire Darkmod 2.08 download in one archive. No need to run tdm_update.

The Dark Mod 2.08 FULL
DOOMMARINE117 - - 571 comments

perfect timing, lol. i just finally figured it out. i was suppose to do, lol.

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Guest - - 699,730 comments

this might be a stupid question. but since this is a standalone. does it require Doom 3 in order to play it?

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more - - 450 comments

No Doom 3 required. :)

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foo_jam2002 - - 875 comments

If you'd bother to read the description, you wouldn't ask...

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Xenophyter - - 6 comments

Congrats! Downloaded now. first link seems dead atm. Still have any plans to release on steam?

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dannerbain - - 12 comments

just asking, does this have all the missions from the community too ?, or it has to be downloaded after these??

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more - - 450 comments

It only ships with the Training Mission, and the 2 official "mini-campaign" missions "A New Job" and "Tears of Saint Lucia" other missions can be downloaded directly in the mission selection screen or by going to missions page.

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