This mod was never dead, just in the webway slumbering! This is the original Harlequins Race mod for Dawn of War which has been handed down to a new team to complete. This is a mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm which adds a new playable race to skirmish and multiplayer.

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Well done for a Start!

I found this mod to be quite impressive. For a beta, it's outstanding, and this mod is on the right track.

Gameplay/mechanics 10/10

Balance 8/10

Graphics/art 10/10 +1 point for intense FX and sounds.

OE and animations of models 8/10

Mechanics 9/10

AI 10/10

Learning Curve 9.5/10

Finish feel bonus +1 point

Worth the download? 10/10

Great faction indeed. I liked the hero a lot, the Shadowseer, compared to most hero units, she is really fun in comparison. What caught me as a learning curve slight negative was the power resource and the need to build listening posts then click the ability. Not bad at all though.

The aesthetics man... its probably better than Chaos Daemons and the fx do not clump. The sounds are amazing and the animations of most units are really good.

However, as the final unit (The Laughing God), there are no sounds applied to it. The running footsteps are missing, the combat sounds are missing, here missile attack sounds are missing, the ability has no sound at all, and the Laughing God (Spirit Walker?) is very weak (7,000 hp). Not impressed by it that much, but her face is really cool as it changes.

Overall great job! You nailed it almost down to the nit picks. All units seem useful, oh wait right, the Death Jester needs to be reworked coding wise, his minimum range is too high and I need to retreat 'em to fire and all.

Last little nitpick, change the default combat stance of the Wraith Walker from assault to ranged stance otherwise his weapon upgrade becomes useless, or at least have it fire on the move.

Again great mod! It is SUPER awesome and I enjoyed 97% of it.

PS: I found this mod with the factions hub. :p

Love the eldar and harlequins, awsome mod


Very well done, giving the Harlequins a life of their own instead of a single Unit within the Eldar Unit Roster. Though some of the skins aren't necessarily of the same quality of other mods out there, "The Dance Macabre" has been in production for a long while and those textures were the best when they were made. The few placeholder voices are only a very minor issue which the team has already got slated to be fixed so no issues there, just a time thing. All in all worth the download, worth the time, worth the Space. Just give it a go and enjoy Dancing your enemies to death.

Oh and word to the wise, be mindful of those bright flashes of rainbow, they'll make you blink a few times when they get flashy.

I love eldar and harlequins, so its 10! 10 and no words more!

New race cool! Especialy I like new models and animations.


Cucaracha says

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10 for all the right reasons

A mod which I used to follow circa Winter Assault (or maybe even previously, can't even remember). The mod has evolved into something really good and very appealing for those who seek something refreshing race mod-wise.

i think its unique race for soulstorm

Wow...just wow!!!

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Well done for a Start!

Nov 11 2012 by jONES1979