Enter a world where the Romanov family were rescued from Yekaterinberg by the White Army, the Manchu Restoration succeeded (somewhat), the Ottoman Empire never entered WW1, and Japan fragmented into a Warlord Era similar to that of China.

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A sneak peak of the new Tsarist Russia focus and a description of each branch.

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Welcome to the first Dev Report for The Daimyo Era mod. Today, we will be looking at the Tsarist Russian focus tree. There are three branches of the tree; a political, industrial, and a restorationist branch.

So to start off, we will look at the political branch.

The political branch is split into two sub-branches: the loyalty branch and the change branch.

Loyalty Branch

The Loyalty Sub-branch is located under the "Support the Tsar" focus. This branch in split into three:

  • The Tsarevich
  • The Duma
  • and The Tsarina

The Tsarevich focus deals with installing Alexei Nicholaevich to the throne. From here, you can reforge the Franco-Russian Entente and also invite the Qing Dynasty to the faction.

The Duma focus deals with the restoration of a constitutional monarchy. This focus will allow you to install Aleksandr Kerensky as prime minister as well as being able to join the Allies.

The final sub-branch is the Tsarina focus. This will stage a fascist uprising which ends up killing Nicholas and instating Olga Nikolaevna as the Tsarina. This focus will allow you to ally with fascist Mongolia led by Roman von Ungern-Sternberg.

Change Branch

The Change sub-branch is located under the "Revolutionary Committee" focus. This has two mutually exclusive focuses:

  • Support the Council of Barons
  • and Support the Red Legion

The Council of Barons focus details the toppling of the one Tsar system with a fascist, monarchist council led by Grand Duke Michael; Nicholas' younger brother. This branch allows you to join the Axis in order to defeat the Soviets.

The Support the Red Legion focus details the fall of the Tsarist system altogether and the rise of the Trotskyist 4th Internationale. They can then unite with the Soviet Union peacefully and create a so-called "Red Tsar".

By supporting either the Tsarevich, Tsarina, Duma, or the Council, you can gain an additional focus that allows for war with the Soviet Union to see who is the true ruler of Russia.

Moving onto the Industrial branch.

A relatively simple branch, it deals with adding both civilian and military factories, infrastructure, and dockyards to modernise Russia. At the end of the branch, you get to support or ban Russian trade unions by either forcing people to work or by letting people work willingly.

Supporting trade unions increases stability, but subtracts war support and adds 10% communist popularity. While, banning them increase war support, but subtracts stability and adds 10% fascism popularity.

And last but not least, we have the Restorationist branch.

Consider this an addition to the political branch. This deals heavily with the restoration of the Russian Empires borders after following the Restore Russian Empire focus. So you can through this branch, retake Eastern Poland, conquer the Baltics, annex or puppet Finland, retake Bessarabia, merge with Mongolia through a marriage alliance, and finally punish the nation that made you suffer for twenty years; Germany (or Prussia in the final mod).

Well, thank you for coming to the end of my first Dev Report. Hope you enjoyed, and keep an eye out for the next update.

Cheers, Deathblade

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