This is a remake of the original Half-Life mod The Challenger Deep. This re-designed mod has been in development for more than 7 years. It follows the same storyline as the original.

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Well then

Seeing as ppl are blatantly lying regarding this mod's playability, I felt the need to post this, even if years detached from its release.

I have not yelled in frustration in almost 2 decades when gaming but congratulations doc, you got me.

Please DO NOT play this mod: play the authors original creation "the challenger deep" as it is worth installing a non-steam version of HL just to play it (some ppl claimed to have issues with steam at some time with the og mod but I never had the issue). From my playthrough it is painfully obvious that the author performed zero to little playtesting (at least two areas that are absolutely broken and one that is intermediately broken), nor did the author care to optimize anything.

Where to start?
This mod is PAINFUL to navigate: mostly due the lighting. You will spend 85 percent of your play time either walking around entire rooms following a wall clockwise/counterclockwise with your flashlight aimed at the walls edge and floor or giving up in every room youve spent 10 minutes in to noclip OOB just looking for an exit. Your only other option is to nuke the game with gamma and brightness on near max (which would ruin the whole point of the mod, bye bye claustrophobia and immersion) so be prepared to spend about 10 to fifteen minutes of your playthrough idling in the dark so you can start searching some more once your battery recharges. In the beginning, the vent puzzle was fun, But im sad to say it was the last clever bit of level design encountered until I reached the rope puzzle in the chapter "end game". (also did I miss prior title cards or did you just put them in the last half of the game?) Speaking of the rope puzzle: I NOCLIPPED PAST IT. You had already sullied any trust I had in you with regards to the puzzle being passable (though its all any of us wanted to do when you introduced them in the training course as ropes are generally just props or limited to the broken opforce swingy ones and in online maps). Thats how painful this mod is to play: when you finally get to a platforming bit you were looking for since the first map, you would be actually crazy to attempt it. Had I encountered that puzzle waaaaay earlier it probably would have been THE HIGH POINT OF MY REVIEW. Also If you made it to the area with the tentacles (sorry if I spoil anything here but its relevant) after you groan, you will find the first completely broken area where in a climbing puzzle it seems that the author wants to commit suicide multiple times till you find the ONE long jump (out of about 6) you actually can make, or he forgot a ledge or ladder (there are two such places where it looks like a ladder was meant to go up but it instead goes down to make the area recursive). In this area even nuking the screen with gamma on max did not provide me with a passable route, and after you make it through there you encounter YET ANOTHER blockage. After you fight the marines in the supply room, There is no way to access the alcove at the end of the hallway where the vent used top exit the area sits, behind some boxes in a completely dark area. Oh and if you do play this mod im also spoiling this: just grenade every dark alcove or behind every box after you start seeing marines. (oh and I didnt get to escape the facility the first go because a level load broke towards the end and I was stuck in limbo staring at the sub)

I wish you the best doc, but I dont know what happened with this atrocious mess: I see soo much wasted effort and potential here. When I saw you had released a remake I was thrilled and couldnt wait to play it. The intro and first hour were fun and almost had me back in that "im gonna drown if im not careful" mood. infact the scariest part of the og CD was the underwater portions and they are just filler in this mod. Gone are the floods, gone is the sense of urgency, and most of all the atmosphere of the original mod is nowhere to be found save the first hour of the game. What made me post this rambling review is solely that this could have been fixed with just simple playtesting. This mod is soo arduous that you dont even get the accomplished feeling of passing an area, you just feel tired and VERY annoyed. So please, I beg you, if you made it this far, go install the challenger deep and avoid this mod like stale leftovers. (Doc, Im sorry as I loved CD soo much even with its quirks but this is a world apart)

PS: I know some guy up there told you "the mod needs assassins and less lights" but didnt every single playthrough having the brightness and gamma maxed out tell you that at least ONE of those additions/omissions was a flawed idea?

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+Level design, its top notch. Way better than the first challenger deep. +Difficulty is fairly middle of the line. +Quite long, took me about 3 hours. +Great use of oxygen tanks +Probably the best use of long jump module I've seen in a mod. -Ammunition a bit to ample -Bad performance on some of the maps (I counted 3) -some bugs like managing to get the scientist to come into the room with me (when he supposed to be on the escape pod). Breaking his script that was supposed to make him open the door…

Sep 26 2013 by TheUnbeholden