This is a remake of the original Half-Life mod The Challenger Deep. This re-designed mod has been in development for more than 7 years. It follows the same storyline as the original.

TommyGun00 says

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* you may find yourself constantly getting stuck.
* the parts where you have to go with scientists are pretty buggy and just feels like you're baby sitting them.
* there's some performance issues here and there (especially for Intel integrated graphics cards) I recommend using "r_dynamic 0" if you keep lagging.
* there's some obnoxious horrible quality music which plays occasionally (reminds me of mic spamming even), thing is the music is played on the map so you can't exactly turn it off.
* there's a couple of forced cut-scenes and I extremely hate the first one since it almost got me killed.
* there are some great long jumping sequences here and there.
* the fighting is nice, even though some enemies seem like they were randomly placed (barnicles for example).

it's a fine mod
(completed about 70% of it)

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+Level design, its top notch. Way better than the first challenger deep. +Difficulty is fairly middle of the line. +Quite long, took me about 3 hours. +Great use of oxygen tanks +Probably the best use of long jump module I've seen in a mod. -Ammunition a bit to ample -Bad performance on some of the maps (I counted 3) -some bugs like managing to get the scientist to come into the room with me (when he supposed to be on the escape pod). Breaking his script that was supposed to make him open the door…

Sep 26 2013 by TheUnbeholden