Finally the long feared castle drain freezing chaingun SS garderobe mutilating ultimate epic horror realistic sci-fi action 3D adventure has been out on the shiny rainfall cold meat from the depths of Hitler's dungeon's personal closet. Several dozens of years of breathtaking production brought a whole new dimension of modding... Modders, working like rats in cold dungeons with only cold chikensalad and water, modding and modding and modding..... A whole bunch of them have died right in front of their monitors, much more of them became mentally or physically disabled....... And that's a sad fact of today. All the Dye Hard Wolfers of the world give away flowers and other personal belongings, thus expressing their feelings of grief for the fate of those who didn't make it until today... But things have changed. From the depths of beneath of your monitor.... The whole wolfencommunity is proud to present... A whole millenium hard work project, named... THE BEST MOD IN THE...

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Not a good joke wasting space on the mods page.

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