The Group Thing, who brought L4D the community the unpredictable and challenging 'Haunted Mod', bring a more competitive experience to the Multiplayer Left 4 Dead scene with TGT ProMod. Better scoring, far more options for teams to take advantage of, and better match-play settings.

The Group Thing is a thriving community created for the sole purpose of uniting the like-minded gamers and clans from all over the globe. We offer public game servers for a variety of games, a league to compete in and a mod- development team that is open for more members who are interested in contributing.

Unconfirmed features:


  • Time limited mode (I think this is essential, we cannot have clan games going on for 3 hours)


  • Time taken to complete in addition with percentage travelled and health given more importance
  • Multi-aspect pronged scoring system, of which a Radar Chart is generated for each team, with the area of the inside polygon being the overall team score. This could be defined per server, so we could have 'ammo usage and health and team damage' pro servers for those pedantic souls who love to conserve ammo. Items which could be scored are:Radar Chart - area is team score
    • Percentage travelled
    • Time taken
    • Health at end of level
    • inverse of Health consumed
    • General infected percentage killed
    • Boss infected killed
    • Ammo used
    • Percentage use of accessories, like pipe bombs and molotovs/petrol.
    • Team damage
    • Number of survivors

    Image: Radar Chart - area is team score


  • Team votes on who to become the tank, if a tank will appear in this map
  • Tanks can be spawned once the infected score reaches a certain value. This has several plus points:
  1. Tank will rarely spawn early in a map
  2. If the tank does spawn, its because the infected team skill is high, or survivor skill lower
  • Tank slightly less effected by multiple shotgun blasts at medium range
  • Setting fire to the tank does damage to the health bar, but will go out after a set period
  • Setting fire to the tank also perhaps gives extra strength & damage and speed due to the extra rage/pain, making the tactic a gamble instead of a surety


  • The witch is harder to kill
  • Witch will try not to spawn in impossible-to-pass areas (could be changed so that if it does for one team, the other team will have the same sort of placement elsewhere)
  • Witch effective distance increased greatly if angered
  • Witch will attack the closest survivor, or the one with least health and within a certain range.

Boss Infected

  • Ability to choose spawn location in finales
  • Ability to choose infected class (However, infected class numbers can be limited on a per server basis by admin)
  • Infected are able to cancel an attack, so that they can run to safety
  • Hunter pounces which would inflict damage on a survivor are immune to survivor punches (depends on energy of hunter)
  • Smoker effective distance increased
  • Boomer survivor push distance increased
  • Infected-only ladder speed increased
  • Smoker is able to drag incapacitated survivors away from their resting position, including dragging them off buildings/ledges WITHOUT the grab reflex.
  • Boomer vomit puts out fires on other infected. If used on tank, extra strength and damage will remain.


  • Most maps using Expert mode characteristics.


  • Survivor MG accuracy to distance tweaked
  • Survivor radar on infected less sensitive - no lights and walking movement from surivors within a certain range of each other results in them going stealth.This requires more effoert from the infected team in tracking the survivors.

More information to follow.

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I'm very interested in this mod. Good job developers! And keep pressure. Maybe u will do open beta tests? :) What is predictable date of relase?

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Nice. Is this a server mod or a Source rebuild of L4D?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

where is the download link for this, i played it on a server and love it, would love to get my server running with this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great idea and really love the radar chart!
I would love this detailed scoring in all game modes including survival and campaign ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What? the tank spawns when the infected are much better than the survivors? Isn't that ....umm... dumb? When they are already winning spawn a tank to end the game immediately and kill the fun?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Domipheus Creator

Would you rather it spawned immediately after the start of a game, or randomly without any relevance to the skill of either teams?

If your interested in proposing another method, there is a thread on the TGT forums where we can discuss it :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

maybe when the infected are sucking u can spawn it...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Domi is sexy!

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