This is simply the same mod found on twcenter 2/3 links are dead, and remaining one is flawed and unable to deliver files at acceptable speeds. This hopes to be a solution to that problem so that wait times can be alleviated, and a backup can be stored in the likely scenario that remaining site bites the dust. All credit to the team and the testers, they do God's work to consumers like us. In case it needed to be said, this is nothing more than the exe file the mod installs from. This was downloaded on February 2nd, 2018, and uploaded the same. I also recommend picking up Conqistador's fixes for this mod. Simple file that fixes the last few remaining problems with the mod, the file is attached to a thread in twcenter in the "Rome: Total War Hosted Modifications --- Lusted's "Terrae Expugnandae" --- Terrae Expugnandae Gold: Open Beta 0.7 Released" Tree

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It runs smoothly and is steam comparable, off to a good start!

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