*Superior Artificial Intelligence compared to vanilla, missions are now more realistic, more difficult and blitzkrieg tactics will not work
*Over 400+ new unit textures and models
*New and Beautifully textured battlefield environments to fight and die on
*Very Huge Campaign map with excellent quality textures
*12 turns per year
*Projectiles stay longer which add more realism in battles
*New Horse models by pinarius
*New hoplite animations the older animations have been slightly modified
*More suprises awaits you...

1) extract TERRAE EXPUGNANDAE EXTREME MOD ver.2.0 with winrar
2) extract this modification locating the path to your C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\
3) this is completely mod-foldered so you can still play with the vanilla RTW/BI/ALX and other modifications that are also mod-foldered with the right shortcuts as long as no core files have been overwritten.
4) create a new shortcut with your RTW.exe or Alex.exe and on the properties target line put this command:
for example:
RTW.exe = "C:\Program Files\Creative Assembly\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -mod:tex -show_err -nm
Alex.exe = "C:\Program Files\Creative Assembly\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-ALX.exe" -mod:tex -show_err -nm - noalexander

This modification is for RTW 1.5/RTW-ALX 1.9. It will not correctly work with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3. versions, it must be updated with the latest patch.
This modification needs a vanilla version of Rome Total War installed or vanilla Alexander expansion installed. You can play other mod-foldered modifications with it. Best Played VH/VH on Huge Setting.

Lusted (Elements of Lusteds Terrae Expugnandae 0.7 Gold)
Ferres (Modding legions 1.3 and 1.5 units and textures)
Halie Satanus (Hoplite Animation)
GODzilla (Elements on the modding legions pack)
AnastasioTheGreat (Greek Units and Generals)
Pinarius (Horse models)
Darth Vader (Formations pack)
Webbird (Unit textures)
Warspite (Unit textures)
RS2 Team (RS2 Environments gift release)
Wlesmana (Projectiles stay longer)
Finch (Terrae Expugnandae Extreme Mod)

This modification is for personal use only and no elements of it may be incorporated into a public modification without my permission or permission from these authors.

Change Log:
Ver. 2.0
-Roman factions reimplemented
-Senate missions are back and much more fun and challenging to accomplish
-overhaul balancing on campaign and units made
-New textures for other roman factions
-12tpy scripts implemented
-Realistic strat map movement
-Projectiles Stay longer
-New UI cards for roman factions
-still a very solid version no ctd's caused by the mod (zapped with zeus)

Ver. 1.7
-RS2 Environments implemented
-more balancing on campaign and units
-fixed desc_win_conditions
-very solid version no ctd's caused by the mod

Ver. 1.3
-minor fixes on some textures for units
-minor balancing on campaign and units made
-unified romans now as one roman family

Ver. 1
-created base folder now stand-alone everything made from scratch
-added lots of new units and textures to mod
-balancing on campaign and units made
-changed campaign map with m2tw textures


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Terrae Expugnandae Extreme Mod

Terrae Expugnandae Extreme Mod

Full Version 3 comments

Terrae Expugnandae Extreme Mod Enhances Graphics as well as Gameplay of Vanilla RTW. Mainly coded for ALX engine which uses proven and tested best AI...

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Has anyone else encountered the issue of customizable maps in the 'custom battles' being either partially or completely underwater?

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i have the gold edition of rome total war but i can't change the target line for the shortcut because it says that target doesn't exist please help

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i cant launch it. i have RTW 1,5 intalled.

i am extracting the archive where it needs, send a shortcut to desktop, add that comand line, and it just launches the vanilla..

any ideas? i need help.

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hey finch TW, you need help with the Rome.lnt
is possible I help you with campaign and loading screens? your mod is nice, I like your mod n.n

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I cannot save or load the buttons are greyed out in the campaign game. Can anyone help?

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FinchTW Creator

follow the instructions it should work right away.

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I had version 2 not 2.0.1 (for some reason, must have downloaded it from somewhere)

I had a quick go on it and it looks like a great game plus the game really needed better AI.

Is this a finished mod now or are you still working on updates?

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