Take on the role of an operative in the Hex Gen network, a decentralized movement of hacktivists resisting the economic pillaging conducted by the unholy alliances of Big Tech, Big Military, and Big Finance. Think "The Windup Girl" meets "Neuromancer". Features: -Facial, vocal biometric capture devices -"Nohface" electronic face projector for thwarting surveillance/drones which cover almost every inch of city -Wireless internet -Darknets - all web activity is fully surveilled, you need stealth not only in meatspace but in cyberspace -More types of hacking - cryptography, DDoS, spoofing -Hunger: experience real economic destitution as you slowly die of starvation and are forced to beg, steal, or even kill for a piece of bread. -DIY: Upgrade your hemp trenchcoat with solar trim, syphon electricity from the private power grid, take apart old phones and radios to hack together an EMP gun, set up a hydroponic garden in your squatted flat so you don't have to kill for every meal.

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Bank Bailout
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2nd best description ever (after the inventory one)

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Latest screens of a so-called "zombie bank". Financial towers retrofitted into military bunker 'Plutoclaves' protecting the ultrarich bankers, CEOs of employee-free fully AI and robot-automated corporations, three-faced government officials, and their DAVOS conference buddies from the multi-million strong protest marches, IEDs, guillotines, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks of the billions of angry jobless starving peons. Patrolled by soldier bots, armored mechs, and Predator drones run by cloud-based AI. Neo-feudalism at its finest. Good luck with the revolution, deadweight!

“A listener, how attractive! Actually, believe it or not, I was a top futures trader at JB Mortem Bank. Weekly million dollar junkets in Geneva and I owned half of Maui till that summer the Ross Ice Shelf snapped off the Antarctic.”

“You mean you profited by destroying millions of lives using weapons of mass financial destruction to implode economies, depriving people of food and basic services.”

“Deprive is such a loaded word. It was their own fault for soaking their economies in debt like gasoline, gorging on the buffet of cheap credit. We were just making a market, allocating capital, investing our money here, or not investing there. We added... liquidity.”

"Yeah, you added a lot of liquidity alright. Red liquidity."

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