Terminator is a mod meant to be the best single player WWII~post-war skirmish and FPS mod.This mod contains full customizable skirmish,full customizable fps-tank-battle,AI and funtions that can be set by player or automatic happen.

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This mod is an amazing mod that actually makes the singleplayer missions playable by giving you the necessary equipment to fight the spamming AI. This isn't the only feature. You pick just about everything and the mod adds LOADS of new units I haven't even seen in GSM. And GSM HAS IT ALL. Get it and love it because it's the best SP mod out there as I haven't been able to try the MP if it exists. A bit crashy, but it's alright if you autosave often.

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This is the way this game should have been from the start. I can't believe someone can make a much better experience with this game then the original company. It has infinite combinations possible. You can play this mod for a few years and never have to play it twice the same way. This mod elevated this game to a whole new level! You can change the weather, the factions you play, the year to start and the year to finish the game (it's important because that determines what kind of weapons and vehicles…

May 22 2015 by Jarsinio