Experience Aliens: Colonial Marines how it should have been when it first released. This mod includes fixes to AI, textures, balancing and more.

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RSS ACM Overhaul V4 - No Hope at Hadley's

"O'Neil's smartgun reworked to be more useful"

Too bad, he seems unwilling to use it in the video. :S

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jamesdickinson963 Author

He really hates this particular section. I think they had a "wear a blindfold-to-work day" when the guy who positioned O'Neil throughout the campaign did his bit.

To be honest I am unsure why they are so clueless at times, and this sequence is pretty bad. I haven't actually gone over the Finite State Machine for human AI yet, just their awareness, health and damage

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Looks and feels so much better than vanilla yet I have to agree with Johny your friendly Ai does not attack the aliens with the smartgun! Can that be fixed?

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Yea just standing there not attacking or getting attacked takes the realism/scare factor down a notch. But none the less, thank you for improving the game.

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I think the Ai will be reworked sometime. In the mean time, the friendly ai seems to have combat stress reaction :(

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Aliens : Colonial Marines Overhaul version 4

Graphical changes have been extended to the primary Hadley's Hope complex!

Also in V4 :

MK2 Pulse Rifle returns (40/60 ammo, 900rpm) with a missing Ammo Counter (fingers crossed I fix this before the end of the night!) and better balancing. It does less damage than the Classic, but is more accurate and reliable.
Hudson's Pulse Rifle 95rnd, full auto 900rpm. Max ammo reduced. Its got a kick to it, but man is it powerful!
Auto Shotgun damage reduced slightly
Combat Shotgun damage reduced
Hick's Shotgun damage greatly increased. Max ammo reduced, 12 pellets. You really DO want to keep it for close encounters!
Underbarrel shotgun's use same ammo as Hick's (and now hold 4)
Underbarrel Grenades do more damage (balanced in MP) (and also hold 4)
Fire is more lethal
Incindiaries more lethal

Xeno AI timing reworked to rely less on speed and more on movement.
Xeno's slowed down generally (except Lurkers)
Further adjustment to insta-kill move so its used less
More vulnerabilities opened up (waiting before things etc) to give you a bit more chance
Face-Hugger fight is easier. Not too much mind you, it took a few of em to pull it off Ripley!
Lurker Fight is SLIGHTLY harder.

O'Neil's smartgun reworked to be more useful

Installer checks for and removes read-only state from My Doc's files so that they can be replaced.This should resolve all install issues.