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A quick update on some of the changes and balance work done to the xeno ai in game for V3

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I have been working on Xeno AI delving further into their coding and AI states

Mainly available are timing related controls, minimum wait times on execution of moves, or repetition of moves along with delays between actions and the speed of the actual actions themselves.
There are a few actions which have more controls available such as visibility amounts or usable ranges and I have redone them all to focus entirely on extremely dangerous Aliens!

Xeno Shared
Close Zone size increased. Target sharing and xeno aggro boosted.
Friendly Zone size decreased. No idea why its called that. Target sharing and aggro nerfed
Omniscient Zone full target sharing, no aggro
Base Dodge Mechanics reworked to allow faster direct-sideways dodges
Limbs take 25%, Tail 10%, Body 100% and Head 200% damage
Retreat mechanics changed for quick position shifting after getting melee'd or losing an encounter
Impact particle effect now includes a blood stream effect and a splash damage decal
Gore particle effects include above too (these have been reduced compared to v2)
Material reworked again to be darker and shiny

Xeno Lurker
Thinking rate increased 200% for better reactions
Speed and Acceleration reworked with sprinting enabled for more varied movement speeds
Pounce distances greatly lowered
Melee Encounter completely reworked to be hard, but not impossible. used sooner and more frequently
Cover mechanics greatly improved as well as shifting and idle action (like taunts) delays removed
Stalking mechanics also improved through removal of delays and increasing completion time windows. Distances pushed much further out so that the Lurker will use even more level space!
Melee Attack mechanics reworked to be more aggressive once close
Dodging while standing enabled
Dodge delay removed
Health lowered to help with its greatly increased lethality
Hissing, clicking and growling's frequency and volume increased
Footstep noise volume increased

Have fun with these new Lurkers! They are fast and very aggressive, but if you win an encounter, or get a good melee hit in, they will go off and wait for an opportunity to pounce on you again. When they are using stuff to hide, you will hear them clicking and growling and hissing alot, and they move about and peek out a bit frequently to tempt to you!

Xeno Soldier
Thinking rate increased 500% to compensate for increased speed, agility and wall usage
Speed and Acceleration increased slightly to help animation blending
Melee Kill factors and chance significantly reduced so that it happens much less often
Attacking and flanking mechanic delays removed and state switching modified to prefer Crouch mode.
Melee Attack mechanics reworked so the aliens stand up and unleash a fury of claw attacks at anything nearby
Stalking mechanics modified to switch back to attacking or Crouched mode more often
Retreat delays removed so they return immediately to attack/stalk/crouch/stand
Will seek cover if taking damage while standing (and return to crouch quickly)
Dodge delay removed
Health lowered to help with its greatly increased lethality
Damage lowered to help with its greatly increased lethality
Hissing frequency and volume increased
Footstep noise volume increased

These new Soldiers are crazy dangerous, but are less brain-dead now! They try and run at you from side on, or get you from a wall or roof, and in close range its all flashing claws, streaks of blood and if you unlucky enough to still be alive a bite to the face!
They come at you slower in a sense, but they are harder to hit as a result and the increased flanking splits them up and means you may be forced to turn your back on one!

Xeno Ranger
Rangers have been setup to match a Soldier more, with the obvious exception of ranged acid.
Delays in shifting have been reduced to acquire a better LOS so they move more often
Allowed spit distanced tweaked so its used more
Melee lethality greatly increased along with aggression once close
Acid damage from spit increased a fair bit
Spit speed reduced slightly so its not so dangerous

These guys are quite dangerous if they get close, luckily they like to stay back and spit. Don't do something silly like try and run right passed one!

Xeno Face Hugger
This guy is much like a Lurker but with his own setup! Once I found it things got interesting :)
Pretty much all the stuff for Lurkers I've repeated here, but setting things with close, short distances to promote its face-hugging tendencies
Prepare for Face Huggers to be feared! Remember in the Movie how Hudson's offloads about 40 rounds into the face hugger in medical even while its pinned to make it stop squirming? Yeah they got a bit-o-health now.
All delays on their sole attack, the melee encounter has been removed.
Wind Up time reduced greatly
The "struggle" uses the Lurker setup, so its darn hard!


Any ETA for v3? :)

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jamesdickinson963 Author

Tonight (GMT+10) or tomorrow

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jamesdickinson963 Author

So to the disappointment of some, I will be delaying the release by a day. With all this crazy amount of attention Im going to give it another pass to ensure Ive got as many bugs as I can!

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JonnyThunder Creator

I'm really looking forward to this. The original game only got 3 hours of my attention before I hated it. When you release V3 I'm going to give it another shot (this mod is the ONLY reason I reinstalled the game)

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Hi James, I just registered here to congratulate you for this effort. You sir are a hero. Greetings from Mexico. Saludos!

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Interesting idea... but it really needs a lot of work to fix the difficulty, as well as the lighting. The former has been stated, but for the latter, there's way too much bloom, with the result that everything's either pitch-dark or blinding white, regardless of brightness settings.

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