no guns/no npcs/no story/no ragdoll physics/no vehicles/no achievements/no challenge/short-form/HAVE FUN

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very nice, but small


Very entertaining


This is a VERY good alternative mod!


Good message, good delivery. From a gameplay/mod perspective, not the best by anymeans, especially when The Stanley Parable delivers this message MUCH better.


-=[Colorado]=- says

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I read some other reviews. Some are stunned, some are angry.

But the "fun", which a serveral players miss, is actually there.
It took me a couple of tries to understand.

I was confused about my little apartment. Want to check all my rooms, when I suddenly found myself in a building.

Like an intuition, I moved to the evlevator. Went out, did my job and finally returned to my apartment.

But I was wondering: " Why do I have to do this? Doing it every day, getting points and when I am done i have 500 again. Will there really nothing that change?"
It was that moment when an Idea rised in my mind: "What if I fool the sytem? What if I dont act by the rules?"

And in the end I got free...

Again a very well mod. Short and nice.
Break out of the every-day routine.

But that's why I only give 9/10!
In my opinion, you shoud wake up in the apartment again. Why?
Because even if you can escape your boring life, you have to do something. You can't live from what you like and you don't always get what you want, so life will always be a routine.
But how the routine look like is i your hand.


kijib says

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tedious is right


surprisingly fun, although i do like longer games

I got like a sense of depression while playing this. Also a sense of horror. Does it ever end? I got a weird image in my head of slitting my wrists on that couch and just laying there with blood spilling out just to get away from this job where you wake up and 1pm and get home at 1am... This is weirdly simple and scary as hell.

I finally got a change. I just didn't follow the rules, and finally there was change in the air.

I still had a weird sense of horror though.

This was weirdly powerful in a way. It has me thinking.


Very intersting mod, kinda like Stanley Parable but shorter. I liked the fact that, after you broke the routine, the game world goes completely awry.

Very nice, I would've like to see more endings, like in SP, but it's still a "must play".

I thought I might cuz YOLO, why not?

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very nice, but small

Nov 4 2010 by DarkRaidor