Team Fortress 2: Invasion is a project that is set out to finish the long-lost cancelled War Of the Worlds themed TF2 game. It's been described as being RTS-like and on a much bigger scale. The source code for this was leaked in 2003 and then again in 2012, some comments and parts of the code indicate this game may have been cancelled sometime in 2003, before the leaks occurred.

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Background Information

This project is based off the build by Hogsy, with his permission

Team Fortress 2: Invasion is a cancelled version of TF2 that was in development in between 2001 to 2002. It went under many different design phases to see what stuck, such as Space TF2, Roman-inspired Humans vs Aliens, and finally, War of the Worlds. The War of the Worlds themed game was the last design phase for the cancelled, RTS-like, Team Fortress 2.

It was never publicly revealed or shown, and was only revealed via two leaks. The only thing that ever resurfaced was concept art, the source code, and two models included with a leaked copy of CS:S.


The game plays much differently then any other Team Fortress game, the objective was for one team to gain the most resources before the round ends. Resources were a mineral called Jojierium, which was used to build objects and buildings for your team.

You could also spawn vehicles using a vehicle bay, among these vehicles was a Motorcycle, Wagon, Battering ram, Siege tower, and Alien-exclusive Tripods referred too as Striders or Walkers. Buildable objects include Sentry guns, Powerpack, Buff Station, Healing Station, Spawn Station, and the Resource Pump. The Powerpack was used as a power source for objects and could power up to four objects at once.

You could also capture Control Zones within a map, which would become your territory to use and build in. There were also environmental hazards, such as Meteors striking the map, Rockfalls, and lasers. Each round was split up into three acts, which would each last an amount of time set by the map the game was using.


Could unlock radar scanning technology so Recons could detect enemies on the minimap within a limited range around them. Armed with dual semi-automatic pistols and a sticky grenade. Also had a jetpack that could be upgraded. Very fast and quick.

Could kick enemies down to the ground when close to them, armed with a Burst Rifle and a Power Shield. Could use an Adrenalin rush ability which would make players faster and more resistant to bullets within a limited range around the Commando. Would let out a battle cry upon activating it.

Armed with a Minigun. Could build sentry guns and has limpet mines. Slow but effective for plowing down enemies. Also has a power shield.

Armed with a Flamethrower and a Gas can, could light gas on fire to create traps and would spread through gas. Also has a Grenade Launcher.

Has a huge shield around him that other team players could enter to gain cover. Projectile tracking could be toggled. Armed with a Burst Rifle.

Armed with a Sniper Rifle. Could cloak when standing still as well. Good for quickly and instantly killing players in the way if you're skilled enough.

Armed with a knife and a pistol. Could cloak and disguise as enemy players and could gain corpse-consuming technology which would allow you to play dead as enemy corpses.

An alternative to the Defender that was meant to push back enemy players and keep them out of the way, or suppress them. Armed with a Plasma Rifle. Good for keeping enemy players out at the cost of having low health.

Armed with a Combat Shotgun and a Repair gun, this class can heal buildings and teammates. He can build an Autorepair (no code associated only mentioned in it), and a Self-heal.

Could build Sentry Guns, Buff Station, and an EMP Generator. Armed with a Drainbeam, a weapon that is the complete opposite of the Repair gun. It drains enemy health and charges an EMP that would be sent to the player you were draining. Also armed with Rallyflags, a device that would emit Adrenalin toward nearby players that would increase their health and damage resistance within a limited range.


Pretty much every device needs this to function as it serves as a power source. The only exception is the Resource Pump
and the EMP Generator, which both do not need power to function.

Could resupply ammunition for anybody near it, basically a dispenser. Could be placed on walls and on the ground.

Buff Station
Applied Adrenalin to whoever is connected to it. Could house a max of 4 people using it at the same time.
If you walked out of range, the effects of the Buff Station would stop.

Dragon's Teeth
Could stop vehicles dead in their tracks. Destroyable, but good for blocking pathways for vehicles.

EMP Generator
Would search for nearby enemies to EMP. Destroyable and does not need a power source

Resource Pump
When placed in empty resource zones, you could harvest resources from the ground within the resource zone.
It would harvest them until the resources run out within the area. The amount of resources within a resource zone
is set by the map.

Sandbag Bunker

Good for keeping cover and sometimes popping up to fire at enemies. Destroyable, but good for needing cover then and there right in
the battlefield.

A device that could heal people while the medic is away. Could house a max of 4 people using it. Built exclusively by medic.

Vehicle Boost
An object that could boost vehicles so they could gain speed quickly. Could be used to either help get teammates to places faster
or to make enemy vehicles go fast in the wrong place so they would crash into something

Barbed Wire
Used for keeping enemies out of a certain area. When two were placed alongside each other, it would generate a deadly laser beam in between them.

Good for keeping cover behind something that doesn't break easily. Basically a bigger, stronger version of the Sandbag bunker, but not as small or nimble.

Respawn Station

An object that you or your teammates can spawn in.

Manned Missile Launcher
A Missile Launcher that is stationary. Expensive but is effective against enemies. Also good for taking down Walkers.

Manned Plasma Gun
A Plasma Gun that is stationary, good for defending your territory.

Sentry Gun
A Sentry Gun that has 3 types; Plasma, Rocket, and a normal Sentry.


Much like the Tripods of War of the Worlds, these vehicles were alien exclusive, and were tall and lanky. They would loom over the battlefield and shoot laser beams at a slow rate.
An expensive vehicle to buy for your team, but it will be worth it. A Walker comes in two variants; Strider and Mini-Strider. Mini is cheaper and less effective on the battlefield as the bigger Strider, and is not as strong.

A vehicle used for transporting players and equipment in small amounts. Strong and durable.

Siege Tower
A portable tower. Could be used to get over an enemy wall or to transport snipers. Big and tall, but a little weak.

A one-person vehicle that's fast, but only carries one person at a time. Small.

A Vehicle more for firing mortars then to transport players. The closer you are to enemy territory, the more effective it is.

A long truck that can be used to carry and transport objects to one place or another.

Slow, but packs a punch. Good for keeping enemies out of a place you don't want them in, or for getting them out of places.


Our development team consists of:

Chous - Mapper

Magnus - Composer

Northern3D - Modeler

MarteenS11 - Programmer, Mapper

HectorWiz - Environmental Artist/Modeler

NextWizard - Owner/Programmer/Site Designer

Sayiangod - Conceptual Artist



Development Update #1

Development Update #1

News 3 comments

Our first development update, which details what we have been working on and what we plan to showcase in the future.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 18)
Guest - - 699,348 comments

when will the mod come out

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pissboy - - 40 comments

I don't think this will ever be released. Looks way to ambitious and there's not enough leaks and stuff to even make an accurate game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BRYLES10 - - 10 comments

When release?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wTf28HeLp - - 17 comments

Does not exist

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,348 comments

Where download mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zubre - - 5 comments

By the looks of things it might take a while for the mod to be released. But I wanted to at the very least show my appreciation towards this project. Seeing someone trying to make a complete version of this leaked version of TF2 is great.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,348 comments

Mod is ded. Not big surprise.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
stefanjaromsalem - - 40 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
opposingforcegamer22 - - 9 comments

When this is ever going to be released and avaible with bots or connection with other players?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NextWizard Creator
NextWizard - - 17 comments

We plan for a release sometime next year at the very least. Bots and online are already in the game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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