Welcome to The Cosmic Mystery Serial! Season 1: The Stone Orb Episode 1: Twin Brothers' Mine This mod is the first installment of a series I plan to me working on over a decent amount of time. Please enjoy it and do let me know if there is anything wrong with it. In the beginning of the mod, you'll receive a note that is written by a character named, Alexander Bullit. This note will appear in the beginning of each story, but the character you play as will change. In this story, you will play as Rolando Barnes as you delve deep into the Twin Brothers' Mine Shaft on a dare, but will return with a certain treasure. Think carefully about certain situations, and remember that death is not as permanent as you'd think.

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Think that I'm dead, well think again people. I assure you that, despite my waiting forever, the death system is being worked on.

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Hello guys and girls,

Yes! I know that it seems that I've abandoned the mod, but fear not, for I have not. I've been spending a lot of time one school, college, and other things, so time to work on the mod has been scarce, but rest assured, I have not forgotten you.

I have a general idea of how to properly use checkpoints, and I also know what to do if for some reason, a checkpoint doesn't work (actually happened once so far). Seriously, why do we even have a CheckPoint command if we can't even use it half the time. I couldn't figure out the problem, so I wrote a nifty, fifty line long bypass that took several days. If this continues, then a patch could take longer than expected.

Also fret not, just because the year's over doesn't mean the one episode season is over. Rather, I have a rudimentary episode 2 in my files that, trust me, the lighting will blow your minds. I know right? I've spent hours on the lighting despite my not having even coded it yet. What I'm saying is that I am still working on another mod, despite my not having touched it for a year. Maybe I'll look at it now and say "WTF was I thinking?"

Anyways, just understand that I have not forgotten you, and I haven't given up. It's just that schooling takes a higher priority than modding.

-Mine Co. Out

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