PLEASE NOTE: This ModDB page is no longer being updated. For up-to-date information on Tamriel Rebuilt and its releases, please visit the website (link in the description below). TR is a community mod project which aims to recreate portions of The Elder Scrolls universe. We are currently developing the mainland portion of the province of Morrowind as a modification for TES III: Morrowind. Using our own stylistic interpretation along with established TES lore, we intend to flesh out this province and create an engaging game play experience. We are approaching this enormous task on a layered basis, creating 100% of one portion of modding before moving on to the next. We have a number of organized departments working on the various aspects of our mod. These include, but are certainly not limited to: Concept Art, Objects of Tamriel (custom assets), Literature, Sound and Music, Exteriors, Interiors, and Quests. If you would like, join us in modding Morrowind at TR!

hayabusa153 says

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Tamriel Rebuilt. At first I had only this, then the code patch, then 50 mods. Now I'm back to only Tamriel Rebuilt, Morrowind Visual Pack, Darknut's textures, and Balmora Expanded. Nothing in the path of TR though. I played this mod and couldn't believe how detailed but simple it was. It was like Morrowind 2! The TR team really has created the best mod in my opinion. It doesn't add a whole terabyte of data but gives a few extra qualities to keep us interested. It's the same but different at the same time. It's very lore friendly and takes up less space than some super small mods out there. If all mods were to be lost but one, I would definitely keep Tamriel Rebuilt.

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