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In a world where brainless social media thots have evolved to control the minds of thirsty nu-male virgins

and dude bro studs, an evil syndicate of thots proceed to build an army of foot soldiers in their quest

of global thottery. What remains of the sane men left remaining on this earth are an international task

force of special operators known as The Tactical Thot Exterminators. Play as Sergeant Wide Boi, assisted

by your comrades Finna Nut, Thick Ni🅱️🅱️a and Zenon as you take on the armies of of the Grand

Towering Thot Queen. Build your army on Mother 🅱️ase and prepare for action.





The year is 20XD, A perpetual war engulfs the world as the collective consciousness of Thots march forward with an endless army of mind controlled beta males and dude bro studs in a conquest of global domination, slaying all who oppose them.

You play as Sergeant Wide Boi, a veteran soldier apart of the last battalion of the Global Counter Thots in the final Offensive against Global Thottery.

After your impending defeat during the Battle of Roastie Ridge, you wake up as a prisoner to the Grand Towering Thot Queen in her domain of sluttiness and sour scented cooches: CASTLE THOTENSTEIN. After escaping you reunite with your long lost komerades Thicc Ni🅱️🅱️a, Finna Nut and Zenon. Together united and stronger than ever you strive to rebuild a new resistance fighting force against the Grand Towering Thot Queen and her army and her personal elite unit of relentless and thirsty Mega Thots.

this new unit shall be named like no other: the TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS. It is now up to you as SGT. WIDE BOI to build up Mother 🅱️ase and put an end of the 🅱️asic 🅱️ish Menace.


TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS will be designed much differently than your average mod. Progress through the game in a non-linear fashion, choosing between mission to mission until you reach your final ultimate state with the greatest thot slaying counter force that has ever existed.

Play as you will, mission to mission in an non-linear fashion, tackling missions any way you would like. Stealth your way through an operation shanking mad lads on your way? Go for it! Wanting to blast through thots with your trusty Thot Blaster? GO FOR IT!!


Thanks to the versatility of Vladimir "Light_Kill" Sirik Source Modding Base, TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS features a wide assortment of weapons and features that vanilla Half-Life 2 does not have!

  • 28 weapons to choose from ranging from 4 melee weapons, 6 pistols, 4 assault rifles, 2 SMGs, 7 heavy weapons and 4 hand thrown explosives!
  • portable health syringe, usable when you need to get a quick fix in the heat of battle
  • head bobbing and lowered weapon when sprinting
  • iron sights with leaning


TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS will feature a wide cast of characters, each fully voice acted (well, some) both animated and lip synced in faceposer instead of generic sounds with no visual feedback to you!

Enjoying the slick dialogue of Thicc Ni🅱️🅱️a, cooky dialogue of Finna Nut, Absurd catchphrases of Zenon and a large assortment of other colorful folks ready to strike at a moment's notice!

Engage in numerous setting from a war torn fortress, a maze like castle throwing back to once gone age of gaming, alongside a multitude of environment in the various missions you will partake!





No man can take on such a massive fight alone, after all together, united, we are stronger! A FORCE with the potential to turn into a brotherhood of the greatest thot extermination force in the history of thottery! If you wish to support TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS there is always plenty of room for more members into the team. Mappers, Modellers, Riggers, Sound Designers, Scripters, whatever, I can't do it alone, and neither can Sgt. Wide Boi! Don't do it for me, DO IT FOR HIM!

Follow our official development group TEAM TELVY - MEDIA & CO.

apply if you can! If you would like also you can shoot a message at me directly on my profile here!


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Hello Hello everyone! Telvy here.

So it has been around 2 to 3-sh weeks since I first uploaded TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS and while the numbers of visitors and followers were increasing, oh boy did things changed when the well known Half-Life 2 YouTuber Bolloxed made not one but two videos about my mod!

I got in contact with Bolloxed shortly after I released the mod and she made two videos demonstrating both the prologue section of Fort Roastie alongside the first part to Chapter 1: Escape from Castle Thotenstein respectively. Shortly after the comments of both videos were so positive and enthusiastic that I just couldn't let this project go down. For that I have officially committed myself to continue working on TTE and have no future plans of abandoning it!

curren stats

As you can see here I have reached almost 2k visitors and over 200 downloads which was not too shabby for a very simplistic demo of my first mod.

But those numbers should go up and I will do my best to keep people up to date on what I have been working on and whatnot.

On top of the reception my personal Discord server has increased in new members, two of which are now official additions to the Team Telvy roster of developers working on TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS. Ladies and germans I welcome you two of our latest members to the Team Telvy family RoastBeef and Mami Tomoe.


Roast will be in-charge of working with me in level design making buildings and general structures to be placed on top of bigger maps. i.e. me building a city filled with streets and he makes the buildings to be placed on top of the streets.

Mami Tomoe

Mami will be our foremost sound designer. He has so far contributed quite a lot and has shown to be adept in creating custom sound effects, ambience, etc.


If you are by any chance wanting to help me out in anything be sure to join my personal Discord server first! We are always open for more help for any skill set be it mappers, texture artists, modelers, whatever.

An invite link for my personal Discord server can be found here


2 weeks since I uploaded the mod I have been working on some new things to be included within TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS. One of which is a little throne room section within the first chapter of the mod.

20180708181100 1

20180708181112 1

20180708181123 1

20180708181129 1

20180708181140 1

20180708181206 1

I have also been working closely with Roast on a little cabin building to be placed in a forest, which I will keep disclosed for now and won't continue on with any more context ;)

After all that there is still a ton that I need to get on the ball with. When I'm not idling around in different games TTE should be my top priority which is something that I still need to build a habit of. But hey, progress is progress either way.

This will probably be the only Article I will be making for a rather lengthy amount of time until I have garnished a substantial amount of content and changes made to the mod before I know its right to show off what I have.

Make sure to visit my personal website

and to contact me on my personal email if so needed.

Besides that I hope any and all of you reading this will have a good one! See you in the next update!

Announcement 1 - Alpha Playtest Demo

Announcement 1 - Alpha Playtest Demo


This mod started out as a little inside joke with a group of friends in an old Discord server I used to be in. It was almost around this same time when...

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TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS - alpha playtest build

TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS - alpha playtest build

Demo 1 comment

TACTICAL_THOT_EXTERMINATORS-v0.8 - alpha playtest build This build contains a rough number of stuff that I've made for the mod. Includes the first part...


This is the good ****, top of all shitpost mods. Can't wait for the release.

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Hello. I want to know how to make source mods like this but I don't know how. Can you please link me to a tutorial or something? I would really appreciate it.

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NutritiousBagCircles Creator

I could help you personally! Meet me on my Discord server and we can talk more, but be sure to mention me while you are at it!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I got my account setup. I've sent you two messages.

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Move aside HL3, this is what gamers are waiting for

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Absoletuly amazing mod already, looking forward to the next versions, no pressure though. :-)

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