Great news! I have advanced the mod greatly since the last update, even though I have not been able to provide videos or screenshots. There are only a few minor things that I have to fix before the first release, and I also have to ask some people for perimission on the use of their content in my mod. I am really happy on how it is looking, even though there are some odd things that cannot be fixed as of now. I have to mention that recently I have to temporarily stop working on it since I have run into a serious family issue. I don't know how much it will take before I can continue the work, but I wanted to let you know that I am trying as hard as I can. When my personal issue is dealt with, I will be able to work on the mod much more since I now have vacations, but the computer available to me has only limited uses, so I will do what I can.

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This is what I've changed so far from the last time I uploaded the 88 Ridge video (I'm talking only about the tank levels):
-Smoke effects (Bigger smoke plumes, got rid of the bluish smoke colour for the Flak 88 and truck smoke efx)
-Explosion effects (Outstandingly different tank impact effects for different surfaces and new vehicle explosion effect)
-Binoculars (Binoculars changed to "tank zoom" only for the tank missions)
-No fake explosions (Fake explosions have been taken away, now only real explosions are shown. By real explosions I mean that an explosion will only go off when something in the game causes it, for example, a projectile being fired)
-Projectile sound (Projectiles emit loop incoming sounds, there is a sound for a close up, or whiz-by, and a distant sound, you will mostly hear the distant sound because the times when the projectiles are close to you will probably only be when a projectile passes by your tank) This is not shown in this video.
-New music
-New damage settings (Now explosions close to a vehicle will actually cause considerable damage, health and different settings have been tweaked very accurately with accurate math calculations, I will write an article about that. Grenades and bullets can destroy a tank)

That's about it.
Any feedback is appreciated!

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