29/12/2016 installer updated with final version changes!

Tactical Operations is a balance mod for the original Zero Hour with additional units and abilities and brand new game-play.

Make sure you read the change-log and watch the trailer before playing because this is totally different than the original zero hour. you need to combine your units and play tactical instead of spamming and rushing to enemy. It does not matter how you played back in Zero Hour, this mod is totally something else which forces the player to either play defensive or offensive based on the factions they take.

Units' damages and ranges and costs have been all changed, many unbalance issues have been fixed but remember your feedback is important to me so make sure you drop your ideas here!

Please note that these balance changes and units additions are made based on ranked game rules ($10000 starting money) if you play this mod with your own rules such as starting money higher than $10000 or no attack until 10 minutes (noobie rules) you might face unbalance issues, so try to enjoy it with ranked rules.

I hope you enjoy this new experience!

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Starting a mod Tutorial


-1920x1080 Camera view

-1920x1080 resolution support (should manually be added in documents files)

-Smoother FPS

-Command Centers can no longer be sold (This was added to balance the GLA early game against other armies)

-Command Centers price increased from 2000 to 10000

-Command Centers Health increased from 5000 to 15000

-Command Centers can now garrison up to 10 infantry units inside like a bunker, these troops can not exit the buidling once they are garrisoned

-All anti air units can now use "gaurd air" command

-All ballistic missiles are immune to any type of damage

-All Generals' promotions upgrades are now available to use

-5 Star general rank needed points increased from 5000 to 10000 (at this upgrade player can unlock everything)

USA (General) Changes:

-Clonel Burton weapon range increased

-Clonel Burton health increased

-Ambulance costs less now

-Ranger Flashbangs can no longer clear buildings

-Ranger Flashbangs can now damage vehicles and structures

-Paladin damage increased

-Paladin price increased

-Paladin is now a rank3 unlock

-Strategy center is now required to build Paladin

-Humvee is no longer a mobile bunker (only transport)

-Humvee price decreased

-Avenger price decreased

-Avenger anti missile laser cooldown increased

-Avenger anti missile laser range decreased

-Avenger laser designator range increased to aid long range units

-Tomahawk price increased for all USA armies

-Sentrydrone gun upgrade removed from all USA armies (except for superweapons general)

-Sentrydone price decreased

-American vehicles can no longer upgrade to support drones (repair+scout+hellfire) only super weapon general has this ability for her vehicles

-Comanche Anti tank missile increased from 4 to 8 (airforce commanche is different)

-Aurora bomb damage reduced

-Raptor missile damage slightly increased (does not include king raptor)

-Raptor missiles increased from 4 to 6

-Raptor price decreased

-Stealthfighter price decreased

-MOAB upgrade removed from all USA generals except for Airforce

-Strategy center can no longer upgrade drone armor (only super weapon general can)

-Pathfinder price increased

-Pathfinder gun damage decreased (no longer 1 shot killing infantry)

-Patriot missiles can no longer target ballistic missiles

USA Airforce Changes:

-Combat Chinook price increased

-Airfield is now required for Combat Chinook (instead of war factory)

-Airfield price increased from 800 to 1000

-Humvee price decreased (still higher than other factions)

-Comanche price increased from 1200 to 1400

-Comanche build time slightly decreased

-Comanche Stealth upgrade price increased from 1500 to 3000

-Rocketpods upgrade are only available for USA airforce

-Comanche anti tank missiles start with 8, once the rocket pods upgrade is purchased they reduce to 4

-Kingraptor price increased from 1100 to 1600

-Stealthfighter price decreased to 1200

-Stealthfighter build time slightly decreased

-Carpetbomb is now a rank 5 option

-MOAB upgrade only available for Airforce general

USA Laser Changes:

-Added laser paladin

-Added laser comanche

-Laser Crusader damage increased

-Laser Paladin now has increased damage versus infantry

-Laser Paladin and Laser Crusader tanks weapons now have a clip (3 shots per 4 seconds, they give 3 fast high damaging shots to enemy but have a big cooldown until the weapon is recharged during this time player has to support the tanks with humvees or infantry or air support)

-Base defense laser cannons range decreased

-Base defense laser cannon can no longer target ballistic missiles

USA SuperWeapon Changes:

-Added EMP Tomahawk launcher

-Can now build Crusader tank

-Composite Armor can now be purchased from Strategy center

-Sentrydrone gun firerate increased

-Sentrydrone can gain veterancy

-Vehicles cost slightly higher than normal USA and Laser

-All vehicles can be upgraded to support drones

-Battledrone damage and range slightly increased

-Hellfire drone range increased

-Hellfire drones fire two missiles

-Alpha Aurora prices increased

-Particlecannon is required for AlphAurora

-Alpha Aurora bomb and fuel bomb damage decreased

-Particlecannon price increased

-EMP Patriot missiles can no longer target Ballistic missiles

-Emergency Repair is now a rank1 ability

China (General) Changes:

-Internet Center provides $40 income in ever 2000 Miliseconds

-Redgaurd build time decreased

-Emergency Repair is now a Rank1 ability

-Nukecannon is now a Rank2 unlock

-Nukecannon price increased

-Nukecannon armor increased

-Overlord price increased to 2000

-Blacklotus hack range decreased

-Inferno cannons price increased

-TroopCrawler price decreased to 1000 (except for china infantry)

-Gattling cannons can no longer target ballistic missiles

-Helix price decreased

-Gattling cannon upgrade for overlord and helix price decreased
(Overlord and emperor cost more now therefor the gattling upgrade price is lowered)

China Infantry Changes:

-Minigunner price increased

-Minigunner buildtime decreased

-Minigunner has double damage against all ground targets

-Minigunner can benefit from the chain gun upgrade

-Minigunner can no longer target air vehicles

-Gattling Tank added to war factory

-Assault troopcrawler armor increased

-Assault troopcrawler buildtime decreased

-Assault troopcrawler comse with 8 redgaurds instead of minigunners

-Assault Troopcrawler price decreased to 1700

-Super black lotus price increased

-Super black lotus hack range decreased

-Super hacker price increased

China Nuke General Changes:

-Nuke Battlemaster tank price increased

-Nuke Overloard tank price increased

-Nukecannon price increased

-Can no longer build inferno cannons

-Can no longer build Dragon tank

-Black napalm upgrade removed

-Nuke Carpetbomb is now a Rank5 ability

-Nuclear helix price decreased

China Tank Changes:

-Battlemaster tank price increased

-Emperor tank price increased

-Emperor tank weapon damage and range slightly increased

-Troopcrawler price decreased to 900

-Carpetbomb is now a Rank3 ability instead of 5

-Emergency repair now available in Rank1

-Cost reduction to MiG and Helix

GLA (General) Changes:

-GLA Worker can no longer build fake Commandcenter

-GLA Stingersite anti ground missile can now target air vehicles at same range

-Sneak attack is now a Rank3 Ability

-CashBounty available in Rank1

-Emergency repair is now available in Rank1

-Scorpion tanks price slightly increased

-Rocket Buggy price increased

-Rocket Buggy can now target air units after upgarding to AP rockets + Extra ammo

-Combat Bike Armor decreased

-ScudLauncher is now a Rank3 Unlock

-ScudLauncher price increased

-ScudLauncher armor increased

-Mauradar Tank price increased

-Mauradar Tank damage increased

-Maurader Tank damage versus infantry increased

-Mauradar upgraded gun damage and firerate increased

GLA Toxin Changes:

-Slight price changes in tanks

-Every other change is same as GLA changes

GLA Demo Changes:

-Demo Bike price increased

-Slight price changes for other tanks

-Every other change is same as GLA changes

GLA Stealth Changes:

-Rocketbuggy can be directly built without having Palace

-Rocketbuggy price increased

-Every other change is same as GLA changes

Thank you for reading this

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Tactical Operations 6-4

Tactical Operations 6-4

Full Version 9 comments

Installation: Extract the zip file and run the setup file, make sure the mod is installed in the original Zero Hour directory. NOTE: if you get an error...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 11)

wow great mod dude :D keep up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Arashenstein Creator

thanks :) if you like to play with us, add me on steam "Arashenstein" it would be my pleasure to have you as a tester and friend

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Aircraft mg...?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Arashenstein Creator

what do you mean?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well i did install it but still doesnt work :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Arashenstein Creator

make sure you have no other mods installed. and also make sure you exactly install it in your zero hour directory for example mine is:

F:\Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer(tm) Generals Zero Hour

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Final.big fails on install.
Can you post a non exe install. Really hate the auto installers. More fail rates due to them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Arashenstein Creator

you can install the mod on a different folder and then copy and paste the files in to the main folder :) it is only an unpacker not an auto installer

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Got it to install by removing the OG final.big file.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

хуета а не мод,нахуй ты вообще за это взялся????!!! иди нахуй кукурузу охраняй, я ебал этот баланс и тупость,сука 4 гранатомётчика расхуярили 15 танков,я хуею!!! блять в колону строяться и пиздец,хотя места рядом как говна в туалете!!! далбон ты!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
Arashenstein Creator

Thank you for your feedback, i have re-designed the game maybe you want to give it another try :)

Спасибо за Ваш комментарий, я повторно разработана игру, возможно, вы хотите, чтобы дать ему другую попытку :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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