Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) is a total overhaul with the aim of transforming Homeworld2 into a tactics-oriented strategy game. Initial versions aimed for a more immersive tactical "simulator" orientation, the current version provides a more refined and consistent RTS experience.

Wingflierx says

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I just downloaded and played the latest 2.9 version of the game. It's the best version yet. Several new ships and research options in addition to the dozens there were already there.

For those who haven't played, Tactical Fleet Simulator is (in this reviewer's opinion) by far the best battle sim out there. The games are intense, lightning fast, and incredibly balanced. The amount of strategic options are insane. It's much deeper and more rewarding than the original game.

I've played most of the other mods, but I honestly don't see the appeal to some of the bigger ones like PDS or Complex. They're very slow and the performance suffers once you inevitably hit the big engagements. TFS never slows down, even with large armadas clashing. Another advantage is that even with all the new ships, every ship has a role, and there aren't pointless overlapping ship designs that are just there to be there.

Honestly, if you're HW2 fan, you have to try this mod. 2.9 is a great place to start.

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