******* NOTE: On the Desura page, please be sure to download 'Full Tactical-Expansion V1.1 Installer", as this will eliminate the Desura installation issues. ******* This mod enhances the things that make Crysis great, and adds a number of new things. New blood effects, bullet drop and penetration, 22 new ammo types, and more weapon changes than I could list here. Armored vehicle have different ammo types. The US Tank gets SABOT, HEAT, and Canister shells. The NK Tank gets HEAT, SABOT, and AT-11 Missiles. The APC's get HEI-T (normal) shells and Canister shells for the cannon, and the TOW missiles are now player guided. Weapons are more versatile, for example the Gauss Rifle can destroy any vehicle and can shoot through concrete walls. The SCAR with all the different attachments and 40mm grenade types can be used in any situation. Also included are Fortran's Barrett M107, and Rad15's advanced AI, used with permission of the respective creators.

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kijebe says

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the. best. mod. ever

it... completes crysis

the guy is a genius

Really nice mod. :)

Super awesome!!! I was getting a little bored with the available weapons and the dart for the rifles was pre-mod a sleep dart? Nope post-mod it was a KILL-DART!!! YAY!!! Now that's usefull! Way to go man! I'd give you a solid 15/10 but that wouldn't make much sense now, would it? LOL. XD

So far so good, all the additions such as color smoke grenades and what not are awesome, you have to try it to believe it!
UPDATE 1.1: Awesome, i spend no time in the sandbox now which is awesome, and all the new ammos make me happy!

Crysis needed this at launch. More guns, more accessories for guns, and all these new accessories make sense. Shotgun attachments, 40mm smoke grenades, guns from Crysis Warhead, grenade launcher turrets, and more. This is the only way to play Crysis.

The only thing I don't like are the new sounds for the original Crysis guns, but I've made an addon that reverts them back to the original.


Good mod, it refreshes Crysis, but i am not giving a 10 because of that ******* damage radius of the RPG, so damn large, stupidly large. I die shooting away from the explosion, the damage radius is larger than the particle!

If you're a Crysis fan...a must play!


EoraptorJnr says

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Note: This review is based on my experience with Tactical Expansion v1.1 on Windows 7.

Nice mod! I think that the new ammo types are hilarious to play with. The physics are pretty sweet as well. The particles, effects, etc. are absolutely mind blowing. This mod is truly professional. The only reason I'm voting 8/10 (Actually, something like 8.5. :D) instead of 9 is because the sound changes weren't really necessary. They were a bit too 'not Crysis' for my taste. I'm sure other people would disagree, but this is just *MY PERSONAL OPINION*. You can be guaranteed everlasting fun. :)



weiming1007 says

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I love those high-tech weapons and ammos! And I can customize them more ways than in the original game! Though I don't like the idea that I can carry so many weapons, almost like a walking-armory...

phenomenal overhaul! I fell in love with it as soon as I shot the first KPA on the first level. and it just kept getting better from there on out

much higher weapon damage. they feel similar to Battlefield 3 campaign.
outstanding weapon models and textures to all added weapons.
Bullet drop.
LOTS of useful attachments for the SCAR.
6 levels of magnification to sniper scope and binoculars
Cross hairs on sniper scope are actually good! they don't float around like vanilla Crysis.
Extended battery life on night vision.
more ammo for the SCAR and can sometimes be picked up in game when friendlies (dead or alive) are not around, so I can actually use it and not worry about running out.
realistic weapon damage to vehicles. particularly with the M107 shooting an engine block out.
Smarter AI.
better weapon sounds.


sound from the FY-71 is too loud.
a little glitchy when coming out of ADS on custom weapons.

neither of these things are game breaking, in fact the glitches are almost not noticeable and so I have decided to not mark down for them.

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the. best. mod. ever

it... completes crysis

the guy is a genius

May 26 2011 by kijebe