System Shock Infinite is the unofficial sequel to System Shock 2.

slipkid69 says

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I love system shock 2 and still have the original disc of the game. Now that there are updates for system shock 2 and it can be played on modern systems I am playing through this great game again. System Shock Infinite is a mod that I have not played before until now, I can tell you that this mod is excellent and should be played to death. The voice acting for the mods is good and the mod is compatible with several other mods which make the graphics look lots better. One of the mods that is a must is Tacticool weapons mod as it makes the weapons look great. This mod has by its very design and the way it should be played during combat against the many has really made me concentrate on getting head-shots to make sure that they are taken down quickly, and the benefit of this is that it helps to conserve ammo, so give this mod a play-through if you have not yet had the chance too I guarantee that you will love it.

I just hope there is more coming soon.


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