version 0.675

TotalEffects now conforms to TSOP standards. Huge thanks to Soase Maelstrom!
Now with the non-borked version!
A graphical mod I have been working on for a while. Mostly focuses on ability effects, (unlike Bailknight's which focuses on weapons.) something that I do not believe that there is a mod that does this.
I am making an effort to replace every single particle effect in the game. I only have 15 left to replace, so hopefully those who use it are happy with the large amount of content.

Credit to Bailknight, Zorodius, Soase-Maelstrom, and Mansh00ter(BKG mod and Dynamic explosions are mixed, so I dont know if I used any of his effects)
I used those mods as fillers just because I am lazy. I am working on getting rid of effects that I "borrowed".

Read the Readme.
I did not explain how to install the mod, go look at some other mod's explanation.


The Diplomacy version does not have any gameinfo as of yet. Soon... Soon...

8.85 mB

I have now included the Readme for those who do not wish to download the mod at the moment.

Credit to Bailknight, Mansh00ter, and Zorodius for their corresponding graphical mods.
Also credit to Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander for some of the textures.

This mod is an attempt to make another graphical mod that goes with the current list.
It contains a mixture of particle effects of my own creation(mostly my own), effects from bailknight's graphical mod, effects from Mansh00ter's mod, and effects from Zorodius' Solarflair mod.
I need critique on my particle effect skills and what looks nice and what does not.

If you get rid of the gameinfo folder, you will get rid of:
Better range for the Jarrasul drain planet ability so that it actually has the same range as its bombing range. If the gameinfo folder is removed the drain planet effect will look funny.
Cleansing Brilliance has a muzzle effect. (bailknight)
Assault Specialization has an effect on structures.
Charged Missiles now has a different beam texture and hit effect.
Disintegration bounceback has more effects and disintegration itself has an actual muzzle effect.
Volatile Nanites has an effect when a ship dies.
Tweaked a bit with the Vasari capship's weapon effects.
Changed the capship explosion. Need critique on this. Getting rid of gameinfo will change the capship explosion back to Solarflair's.
Added a second explosion.
I changed the Argonev's explosion to the same as the other starbases so as not to generate lag on death. If the gameinfo is deleted, the game will lag every time this starbase dies.
Synced the Skarovas' and the Kortul's wave cannons to fire at a single point.
Solanus now has a muzzle effect
The Garda's shots also travel faster.
The Destra Crusader's plasma shots now fire at a single point on a mesh.
Added custom phase travel effects for each race. (critique please) (Bailknight for TEC, Zorodius for advent, me for Vasari)
The Transcencia starbase now has Beam weapons instead of plasma. No damage change.
The Dunov's shield Restore ability now has a muzzle effect.
There is also a change in the theme music, one that I like more. (NO CRITIQUE ON THIS PLEASE)
Numerous other surprises relating to just particle effects.
Hopefully everyone knows how to install mods. If not, look it up.

Hopefully this is clear...

I have removed all of the changes that would have anything to do with unbalance or game tweaks. All of the above changes are aesthetic and have no reflection.

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Version 0.675


Currently hosted on soasemaelstrom's site.
Here is the download:

(There are some things that I am working on, and it currently works for Diplomacy 1.02, but there are some errors. Soooo, the Entrenchment version is the most reliable one.)


does this work for rebellion?

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Please correct the effect avtopushki

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With auto gun kink.
And since almost everything is fine!

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Is there any non expansion version?

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syneptus Creator

The non-expansion version is the same as the current diplomacy version:
meaning that you should be able to run the diplomacy version of this mod on Vanilla sins.
I am currently working on figuring out what happened to the Diplomacy v.1.2 version of Totaleffects...

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