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Here's a list of all of the heroes that are in the Mandalorian Wars campaign!

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Hello there! With the Galactic Conquest Beta being released very soon, I thought I'd start releasing more content. In this article, I'll list all of the confirmed heroes of the Mandalorian Wars campaign. I'll talk about their combat abilities as well as how far they are to completion. Each campaign will feature heroes unique to the current conflict. Let me know what you guys think!

The Mandalorian Wars Hero List

Galactic Republic:

  • Revan REVAN

    Revan is the charismatic leader of the Revanchist movement. He defies the Jedi Council, gathers a bunch of Jedi, and goes to defend the Republic from the Mandalorians. He is pretty awesome to use in battle. In space combat, he commands a Centurion cruiser. In land combat, I've given him a generic Jedi model until I get a good one to replace it.

  • Alek (Malak)MALAK

    Alek, aka Malak, is Revan's friend and another Revanchist Jedi who takes the fight to the Mandalorians. In space combat, he uses a Hammerhead cruiser. In land combat, I've also given him a generic Jedi model until I get a better one. This is a Beta coming out after all!

  • Meetra Surik (The Exile) MEETRA

    Meetra Surik is Revan's best general. The character of Meetra Surik is one of the greatest in Star Wars, considering she's the player character of KotOR 2. In the mod she commands a Paladin cruiser in space combat, and provides a ton of combat buffs. Same as Malak and Revan, she uses a generic Jedi land model for now.

  • Admiral Saul KarathSaul Karath

    Good old Saul Karath! He commands a massive Inexpugnable-class in space combat, and provides useful buffs. This is his appearance before KotOR, where he was Darth Malak's minion.

  • Dallan MorvisMorvis

    Dallan Morvis is basically Saul Karath's right hand man, and is a fun second fleet commander. In space combat, he commands an Inexpugnable. He really allows the Republic to spread its forces around the Galaxy and have proper leadership. He's also got a nice mustache.

  • Forn DodonnaForn Dodonna Render

    Even though she only had a small appearance in KotOR, I thought she would be a great fleet commander for the Republic. She commands a Hammerhead cruiser in space combat.

  • Carth Onasi CARTH

    Carth Onasi is an ace Republic pilot, and really makes a dent in space combat. For now I have him using an Aurek-class fighter in combat, but I might end up changing that.


  • Mandalore the Ultimatemandalore

    Mandalore the Ultimate is probably the most succesful and prominent Mandalores ever. He brought half the galaxy to its knees, and got the Mandalorians most of their fame. In space combat, he commands a Kandosii class dreadnaught, and can nuke planets! He uses the vanilla Death Star effect for now, and I don't have him for land combat yet.

  • Cassus FettCassusfetthead

    Cassus Fett is basically the leader of Mandalore's forces. He's the head field marshal, and commands a ton of troops. In space combat, he uses a Beskad-class cruiser as a flagship. In land combat, I've given him a basic yellow Neo-Crusader model for now.

  • Canderous OrdoCanderousHS KOTOR

    Who doesn't love Canderous? He uses a Basilisk War Droid in space combat, and in land combat I've given him a basic blue Neo-Crusader model.

  • Rohlan Dyre

    Although Rohlan became a defector, I thought I'd still add him to the Mandos. He uses a Basilisk War Droid in space, and I've given him a generic Neo-Crusader model for land combat.

  • Demagol
    Demagol syringe

    Demagol is the evil scientist of the Mandalorians. In the mod he operates a lot like Tarkin from vanilla FOC. He provides buffs in combat and discounts for units.

  • Garon Borm

    This neat Mando appeared in a single comic book. He's a Togruta Field Marshal (same class as Cassus Fett) and commands a unique Kandosii dreadnaught named the Parjai. He provides numerous buffs in combat.

Minor Mandalorian Heroes:

  • Gorse BendakBendak

    Gorse Bendak, better known as Bendak Starkiller from KotOR, is a field marshal in the mod. He is a simple minor hero, but is still cool to have in your fleet or ground force. I have enjoyed adding numerous minor heroes to the mod to make it a much larger playing ground. He uses a Basilisk War Droid in space and has a basic yellow Neo-Crusader model for ground.

  • BralorBralor1

    Bralor is pretty much the same as Bendak. He operates the same in combat as Bendak, and is fun to add some variety to your fleet or ground force.

  • Kra'ake
    kra ake

    Kra'ake is a Togorian Neo-Crusader Rally Master. He is a simple minor hero. In space he uses a Basilisk War Droid, and on land he uses a a basic red Neo-Crusader model.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys enjoyed! I'll be uploading a lot more content in the coming weeks, including gameplay, and the full Galactic Conquest Beta is on its way for a release. May the Force be with you all!


Looking good!

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Very exciting. Looks like you’ve done an excellent job.

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Very cool, can't wait to see the other eras. Great work

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The hero list looks great, although I would have also liked to see Zayne Carrick. And have Celeste Morne, Lucien Draay, and some of the other Jedi from the comics as minor heroes.

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