Sword of Damocles is most complex and advanced kingdom management mod. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it also tries to simulate kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking economy and adding new buildings. It also allows you to choose your faith which heavily influence your kingdom, allow you to build religious structures and eventually if you spread your faith ardently enough to upgrade your elite troops to unmatched holy warriors. You will also have to develop two new kingdom management skills, Administration and Intrigues to efficiently rule your kingdom.

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You, the few remnents of your soldier comrades, and your father's tough as nails adviser are all that is left of your forefather's Kingdom, the cause of this? The Empire, a juggornot of unstopple power,their forces overran Antaria, Marinia,The Zerrikans, The Villinese, and Adenia.(Any of these can be your starting faction.) Before the Empire does what it did to your homeland you must unite Calridia under a single banner, your's. Recruit Deadly Noble units that upgrade into Holy Units, Choose your religion, decree edicts which effect everyone in your kingdom, call upon battle hardened warriors from your devestated homeland to lead your armies, recruit mercenaries from the new Merc guilds. Do you have what it takes to be THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES?

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