Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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RevanShan Scene Maker
Aug 16 2010 Anchor

Here you can talk about any Star Wars related or non-Star Wars stuff. Feel free to open any topic on whatever you want to discuss.

The only rule is to keep it civic. No insulting, spamming, trolling or direct advertising.

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Gizka Gizka
Aug 27 2010 Anchor

RevanShan, I do not know where to post it because it is not a bug I think, but just a very little carelessness. You have missed a banner.
I mean when I tried to change my banner in "change your banner" game option and I've chose #43(the last banner in list, it is similar to letter F), instead I have received on the map a banner #42(Imperial red). I simply want to tell that in the menu banners №43 and №42 are different, but on the map it is same Imperial red(#42).
And the other thing I don't know is it normal:
When I have tried to take a quest from the planet administrator at Nal Hutta to improve my relation with the planet the strange and amusing thing has happened:
I've pressed the "Land on the planet surface" line and then the planet was attacked by bandits. After the victory I have been compelled to leave back because it is impossible to talk to the planet administrator after fight. Then I've pressed the "Land on the planet surface" line again and it was the same story. It happens 37 or 38 consecutive times, I have lost count. So what is it, a bug or not a bug? It's very odd, but also funny!

RevanShan Scene Maker
Aug 28 2010 Anchor

That's certainly a normal bug, report it on the Bug section.


for the Star Wars game we never had...

Sep 23 2010 Anchor

is this cantina = feel free to talk about stuff ... good, then here's my suggestion

Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT mod...
but why in god's name haven't you made one about the old republic, somewhere in the time after KOTOR...
these are the reasons why:
1.more jedi/sith in all the battles
2.better looking armors (my opinion)
3.better factions > old republic, sith empire, mandalorian clans!
4.objects and weapons from KOTOR are easier to copy (i've played this mod and everything reminds me of KOTOR because of the similar graphics, hell there's even vibroblades)
5.if you made mod about old republic, and it was ported to warband, then you would have a better version of "the old republic" game that is FREE

This is a pretty god idea for a mod, if I can say so myself
a lot of things from star wars conquest would be perfect for it (energy shields,vibroweapons, pikes, sabers, some of the mandalorian armors...) but then again it could bring much more content than SW Conquest
-the existing mod is based on a "difficult" time period, one without jedi/sith as units on the battlefield... also, in the time of the original movies there is no need for mele weapons and heavy-duty armors (although you have added them for more fun, wich I like)
I would really like for someone to make this kind of mod, although i'm no programmer i do have some ideas and stuff for this... i came up with the old republic troops tree in like 10 minutes... Here's some inspireing pics just for fun i mean look at this one! If this doesn't look like mount&blade engine my name aint Executor-64-

RevanShan Scene Maker
Sep 24 2010 Anchor

Simply cause the GCW is the most important period of them all.


for the Star Wars game we never had...

Sep 24 2010 Anchor

yeah i know the original trilogy is the most important... but still...
i mean more than half of the items from sw conquest are actualy from kotor, and the graphic engine is perfect (betwen M&B and KOTOR)

RevanShan Scene Maker
Sep 26 2010 Anchor

Anyway, remember this is the Rules thread, if you want to discuss anything feel free to open a new one.


for the Star Wars game we never had...

Sep 28 2010 Anchor

RevanShan wrote: Anyway, remember this is the Rules thread, if you want to discuss anything feel free to open a new one.

ok... nice mod again

Nov 14 2013 Anchor

I guess the mod's dead?

Dec 13 2013 Anchor

DrarenThiralas wrote: I guess the mod's dead?

No, they're just taking a break and Swyter is working on porting TLD to warband as a practise, to port SWC later.

Jul 2 2015 Anchor

Please don't tell me this mod is dead

Jan 20 2016 Anchor

Is very dead :(

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