Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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Additon of Diplomacy Mod to this Mod. (Games : Mount & Blade : Mods : Star Wars Conquest : Forum : Suggestions : Additon of Diplomacy Mod to this Mod.) Locked
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Aug 28 2016 Anchor

The addition of this mod would thicken the already thick gameplay offered by this mod. Though if this mod was added it would have to suit the storyline of Star Wars, like instead of a Border dispute which you see in the vanilla version of this mod you would have planet disputes.

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Oct 4 2016 Anchor

Diplomacy with Star Wars would be amazing, it would make the game play more realistic to the Star Wars universe....half of the story is council chambers and political discourse not just awesome laser fights with speeders and light swords.

Mar 17 2017 Anchor


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