Alien Swarm with a twist. Better AI, new mutations, new mapper tools.

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Version 1 has been released! 19 campaigns, 8 marines, and more aliens than you can count.

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Download: ModDB GitHub

Extract to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods, then restart Steam.

Based on AlienSwarmDirectorMod.

Included Campaigns:

  • Area 9800
  • BioGen Corporation
  • Call to Cathalu
  • City 17
  • Dead City
  • Delusion
  • Extermination
  • Hessian Border Station
  • Jacob's Rest
  • Lana's Escape
  • Larnok
  • Operation Cleansweep
  • Paranoia
  • Reduction
  • Research 7
  • Royal Harvest
  • Survival Bundle (Killzone and Frosty)
  • Tears for Tarnor
  • Zoidberg Reactor

Mapping Changes:

  • Objectives can be marked as optional.
  • asw_marine is usable by mappers to create NPC marines with AI and weapons.
  • Several alien entities now use the correct model in the editor.
  • Eggs will automatically un-embed themselves from the floor.
  • asw_remote_turret now points in the correct direction after the map is compiled.
  • asw_no_sleeping is a cheat cvar that will prevent aliens from being hidden when they are far away from a marine, useful for screenshots.
  • env_projectedtexture supports targets.
  • asw_door slaves work in instances.
  • Ceilings textured with toolsinvisible on the top are ignored when in third person mode.
  • Mission overview files can contain "use_overview" "0" to disable custom minimaps.
  • TileGen maps use final lighting.
  • Mappers can allow non-techs to hack specific computers or buttons.
  • asw_trigger_fall now uses its spawnflags.
  • Hector (an invulnerable drone that spawns at (0, 0, 0) when onslaught is enabled) is now invisible.
  • asw_broadcast_camera no longer crashes the game.

AI Changes:

  • Navigation meshes are supported.
  • nav_generate will no longer generate areas on top of walls.
  • nav_generate automatically splits areas that are partially covered in playerclip/npcclip.
  • Director now spawns all alien types except queen and shaman in onslaught mode.
  • Marines use personal medkits when they are missing at least 50 health.
  • Marines don't fire flamethrowers at already-burning targets.
  • Marines don't fire flamethrowers at targets outside of their range.
  • Marines will not path more than about 10 feet to punch enemies when out of ammo.
  • Marines follow in tight formation for a short duration after a follow command.
  • Marines attack explosive barrels.
  • Marines attack parasite eggs.
  • Marines are more accurate on non-moving targets.
  • Marines no longer take falling damage in some edge cases.
  • Squad formations are updated more frequently.
  • Squad formations allow a wider spread of marines to accommodate the doubled cap.
  • Medics no longer panic and die when a squadmate needs health and they are being attacked.
  • Marines will turn sooner when they are chasing a target.

New game mode: Energy Weapons

  • All weapons have half their normal clip size (rounded up).
  • Reloading and ammo piles are disabled.
  • Ammo recharges over time when a weapon is not being fired.
  • All equippable items are included, except sentries, which recharge ammo on the sentry instead of the item.

Misc changes:

  • The limit on marines in a mission has been removed.
  • Deima no longer has a bridge segment extended at the wrong time.
  • Briefing has been redone to support 8 marines.
  • Spectators can now see the camera in Cargo Elevator and the color correction from infestation.
  • Marines can share spawn points if there aren't enough in a map.
  • Experience can be gained in singleplayer.
  • The campaign list no longer jumps when first loaded.

Source code available at

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