Survival 101 is a Half-life 2 mod that I've been working on for sometime now. The concept for the mod is that of survival/horror. It borrows elements from games such as Resident Evil and Bioshock. Major changes to the Half-Life 2 experience include: realistic weapon damage (no more emptying entire clips into enemies), scarcity of ammunition and health packs, and more of a focus on the horror aspect. The mod features its own story line which will hopefully span at least to the two hour mark.

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I loved this mod. The first half put me in total oh-god-zombies-are-eating-people, i've-got-to-try-to-survive mode. I gotta admit, I tried building a couple of barricades before I remembered Half-Life 2 zombies bat stuff around. I was quickly smashed in the face by a flying box.

a lot of people have been complaining because they didn't think the mapping was very good. I thought it was fine. It did the job it was supposed to do; create setting and atmosphere. I actually loved the big three-layer foyerish area with the cafeteria on the bottom. I put on sv_infinite_aux 1 which made the game super fun. I didn't have to worry about the 15 second flashlight or running out of breath like a smoker carrying a heavy backpack.

I loved that the zombies and soldiers dropped after a few shots. It made me feel like the pistol was actually doing something.

I thought the music was really well placed, and it definitely bolstered the atmosphere even those most of them were the same tired HL songs I've heard a hundred times. The voice for the guy on the radio that tries to help you was really well done. I liked him and was secretly hoping I'd get to meet up with him and kick zombie ***. The crazy scientist's voice was...... uninspired.

Over all I thought it was fantastic. I loved the attempt at realism, and the simplicity of the story. Here's to hoping for a sequel.


This mod is good some way and bad some others.
I especially liked the start of the mod, where you have to find the crowbar and run away from zombies.
But this mod isn't good then it comes to voice acting. The "evil" guy your gonna meet over the radio have a really, really anoying voice, I actually turned off the sound because I didn't want to keep hearing his voice.
The puzzles in the map, is a little too easy, and the limited ammo in the building ran out pretty quick, the only thing I used bullets on were the fast zombies.


8 is the highest I can rate >.< imma newb


its an all together amazing game. the only thing that bugs me though is the lack of a multiplayer mode


great! good job


Amazing game, well done! :3

Meh, I don't really like it

of have few hours (move like few min 30) of survival 101 is great thing rest some time love that it hard play one half it were 8 hp then 30 then 25 then 0 think fun little half life 2 mod help you but not hold head all way so that good and not that hard gun lot move power so lost move hp so still way form zombies headcarb **** me off not one hint kill but lot move hard see were no power left or rest get suit back full power sould play it NOW of HL2 of you dont why are you reading this

Fun, not too long, pacing was good, and I actually wanted to play all the way through.

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