Surpremacy: The Greatest Warrior is a mod that enhances the combat mechanics of the game the best way possible in its current version, adds more portraits, new sounds, and for beginner players a helpful start & an enhancement of the in game encyclopedia

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To start off, I would like to thank everyone that sees this as an interesting mod.

If you feel the great need to give a suggestion for the mod while its in progress, speak your mind through here, on my profile here on the db, and on our steam group:

Cheers to all and may your village sage teach you that new ritual you've been wanting to use.


Any update on this?

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Please finish this, sounds awesome!

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cmae Creator

almost a year for a reply eh!?

this mod isn't dead so don't fret. I have been really busy with life events with moving several times last year to different places and of course school :P For awhile also I have been waiting on a few more urw updates, since then I made a lightly modded version of urw called ravioli and changed a few values added some items for use and changed some status updates in the game log. I may release "Ravioli" on here soon sometime, just need to work out some bugs that way you and others can get some form of entertainment while I try with due patience to make the best mod I can.

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