Supreme Mech Commander is the start of a total conversion mod for Supreme Commander FA based on the Battletech universe.

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Supreme Mech Commander Alpha 1 version 0.5 released on 6/24/2016.

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Incoming massage Commander, Supreme Mech Commander v0.5 is live!

After a long wait time we finally got a new patch guys. We are bringing you 28 new units, bringing the total amount to 63. There are 6 new Mechs, 9 new vehicles, 4 new Aero, and 8 new structures, many of which change the gameplay dramatically. We also added new weapon systems, and updated pre existing weapons.

For the full feature list check out the feature article here:

We are also officially opening up the floor for model donations. Please contact Kamisama171 if you have any assets you would like to donate.

Release v0.5

Supreme Mech Commander Alpha 1 v0.5 [Full]

Patch v0.501_Hotfix

Supreme Mech Commander v0.501_Hotfix

Patch notes:

New Mechs:

  • Thunderbolt TDR-7SE (donated by Liz Gibbz)
  • Locust LCT-1M (donated by Liz Gibbz)
  • Awesome 8Q
  • Raven 3L
  • Bushwacker BSW-S2
  • Jenner JR7-D (modeled by IansLuck)


New Vehicles:

  • Saracen Medium Hover Tank
  • J. Edgar Light Hover Tank
  • SRM Carrier
  • Centipede Scout Car
  • Bulldog
  • Manticore
  • Regulator
  • Rommel
  • Scorpion LT (modeled by Julius Davis)

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New Aero:

  • Warrior H-7
  • Cutlass CUT-01D
  • Cutlass CUT-1E
  • Stingray F-90 (modeled by IansLuck)

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New Naval:

  • Neptune

New Buildings:

  • T1 Vehicle factory
  • T2 Vehicle factory
  • T1 Mech factory
  • T2 Mech factory
  • Mech Repair Bay
  • Large Laser Turret (modeled by Julius Davis)
  • Long Tom Cannon Turret
  • Long Tom Fixed Artillery

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General Changes:

  • Jifty build time reduced.
  • 1st texture pass. Majority of new units textured, some still require another pass. Some older units also received preliminary texture pass.
  • Veterancy requirement halved.
  • Mech Repair Bay only repairs mechs.
    • To use just select a damaged mech and right click on the repair bay.
    • Once repaired use the unload transport button to undock mech.

Weapon Changes:

  • LBX weapon functional.
  • Cluster based weapons damage multiplier reduced. (Missiles, LBX, LRMs. This is used to simulate crit damage from crit prone systems.)
  • LRM and SRM weapon system updated, accuracy more in line with BattleTech hit charts. (You’re going to feel this one. Before, missiles were a placeholder, and behaving as Streaks Missile Systems.. Actual Battletech missiles hit 58% of their payloads on average, not including the “to-hit” probabilities. Keep this in mind as you adjust your tactics. Rely on your direct fire mechs/vehicles. Your dropship is also going to be a bit less offensive, and a lot more defensive.)
  • Changed damage and rate of fire back to BattleTech values due to accuracy correction.
  • Artemis IV FCS increases LRM hit rate by roughly 35%.
  • AMS fully functional vs LRM, and SRM missiles.
  • Updated visual for PPC and ERPPC.
  • Energy based weapons function under water.
  • Hover vehicles unable to engage seabed targets.
  • Partisan AA capabilities updated, much more effective vs air targets, less accurate vs ground targets.
  • Lowered drop ship flight elevation to improve direct fire accuracy.

Enjoy the build guys and let us know if you notice any bugs.


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