Supreme Commander Two-Thousand Thirteen - Version 1.2 OUT NOW! A 'scale and gameplay modification' that changes more than just unit sizes. Basic units have been shrunk in size but now produce much faster. Projectiles shoot farther, and both units and projectiles move at more realistic speeds, so terrain and army composistion are more closely linked. View distances are also augmented. Keep it mind this is only a mod, do not expect it to be completely bug free or balanced. A full list of changes can be found in the 'Features' section.

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Supreme Commander 2 0 1 3 Mod - Version 1.0
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I never liked that dinosaur style unit,it doens`t fit to the supcom in my opinion,the only organic beeing on the battlefield (accept trees) in the game,and this flamethrower...just doesn`t fit.

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Go forth, giant fire-breathing-robot-dinosaur, and cause havok!

A screenshot from a recent 1v1 game from V1.0 of the mod. Games will frequently get to the point where (unlike most games of 'vanilla' SupCom2) Major Experimentals will become a necessity to crushing your opponent. They are not an instant game winner however, as sometimes you need multiple to crack hardened bases or to get through the enemies own expeirmentals.

You will notice however even though I have access to these behemoths I still send it in with Teir 1 units, as they remain useful later into the game with their extended upgrades and abilties, and their damage-per-second-per-resources-spent ratio.

Supreme Commander 2 0 1 3 Mod needs to be seen to be believed, download it, raid the SkyDrive Vault for some Replays, learn the game's basics, then find someone to play via the Steam Group or TeamSpeak server! This mod plays okay against the A.I., but the real fun is in fighting against human opponents 1v1 or in team games.

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