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Story: In the year 2014 a boy named Alex's parents were killed by the evil Hades but he was saved by the great power that was inside him. (He was born 2012) In the year 2018 he was adopted by an old wise man named Chou. Chou taught Alex martial arts. In the year 2022 Alex found an ancient Katana inside a cave, nearby he hears a voice that says: "Alex you are the one who will destroy the evil Hades and take away all evil from this world". Now in year 2030 hes ready for his revenge. Features: -Singleplayer and Multiplayer MOD -Variety of Weapons Including some Futuristic Ones -Many places to Fight including Abandon Buildings, Streets etc -Stamina and MP Meters,for Ki Blasts -Walk, Crouch, Run etc -RPG Mode (leveling up) -Extreme High Jump to get to High Places -different effects -weapon power ups


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