Half-Life 2 Substance features an adaptive class system and open-ended gameplay.

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"Golden age of HL2 modding..."
Those days are gone and even though the base game aged pretty well, this mod did not.
If I was younger, this mod would be fantastic. But I'm not. That said, I watched the epic trailer and downloaded instantly... just to disappointed.
You would think that a mod, that splits the HEV suit into five modes with extra buffs, would also change up the levels so the gameplay is balanced. WRONG. You can choose if you want modded levels or vannila levels. If you choose modded levels, you step into the clusterfu*k of cheaply edited levels. The levels are almost the same, difference being just extra enemies imported from Half Life 1 and scattering them randomly on the surfaces of the level. Stairs are broken if you select suit mode that makes you faster, as your horizontal speed will be faster, than your vertical, which would in real life result in tripping and falling face forward. Also, you get the gravity gun a while after getting crowbar (even though there is no use for it until later like in the base game). If you like god mod, play vanilla.
I am sorry to say that I'm really am disappointed with the execution of this mod. The modders did a good job, but not good enough to make it into something playable.
The VR mission pack... I tried it? I only played Strider Mountain and it was too confusing to finish...

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Back in the golden days of hl2 modding, this was something I played multiple times, and looking back at it, I sincerely wish I could go back for more :( The new additions to the hl2 campaign struck me with surprise and awe and the dozens of new weapons made the action tight and refreshing, with new additional monsters and player abilities to decimate them with. It's a shame this only partially works with mod fixes following the may 2010 update. Perhaps someone with some free time on their hands…

Jun 3 2013 by flippedoutkyrii