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This mod was based on the mod The Eagle and the Radiant Cross (wich has its own sub-board in the cartographers' guild), but is set on another continent, with new factions, troop, items, and basically a whole new feeling, which tries to be less cartoony and more plausible, if that's even a word that can be applied to a WB mod.

Now, it's a mod of its own.

The factions in this mod are inspired to the Renaissance and late medieval states of Italy, during the so-called Italian Wars, which pitched the many small republics and states of Renaissance Italy against the Valois kings of France, the Hapbsburgs of Austria and Spain, and each other. The main difference is that, instead of France, i used the Swedish faction already present in tEatRC.

I hope you'll enjoy this mod.
I do.

It's year 1426.

No more than 14 years ago, the Laurian king, Luis Loher, seized the Duchy of Apulia, assuring for himself a bridge-head to the fertile Bermianese valleys.

On the North, fearing a Laurian conquest of the rich inland and the richer ports of Bermia, Haelmarian king Iohan IV does the same, preparing for a full-scale invasion of the Eastern Bank of river Eridanus.

In the middle, Bermianese petty duchies, republics and principalities look at this as one of the countless invasions of the past, knowing little about the refinment of Laurian administration and military.

For the Bermianese, it may be the last free spring.

Thanks to D'Sparil for the mod&the support.
Thanks to Somebody for the source AND the endless technical support.
Thanks to Captured Joe for his dialogues.
Thanks for the M&B modding community for being so wonderfully helpful.

OSP Credits:

Naval battles by ruthven
Overhauled morale by jacobhinds
Freelancer by taragoth

Narf for his beautiful armors
Willhelm for compiling that precious 17th century pack
Fredelios' bunch of armours
Lucas the Benevolent's collection of weapons
Jan Tumas Sturmhauben
Cow7488 for his retexturing of narf's palte
Shredzorz, 15th century weapons pack
Jakko's italian props pack
Shaun Remo's skyboxes osp
BrustwarzenLenny's TES4 OSP pack.

All the people who contributed with their resources to The Eagle and the Radiant Cross mod.

I am barely able to read or write, so i do not take credit for anything in this mod, except piecing it together. If you see one of your resources used without credit, it just means that i forgot, not that i am claiming it as my own. Tell me and i will fix it at once.


- 8 New factions, complete with appropriate Claimants (including 3 alternative rebel cultures).
- New map
- New items, merchandise and unique.
- New lords
- Lots of new troops
- Old companions with new backstory
- New mercenaries with backstory.
- Freelancer! You will be enlisted as different kinds of troops according to your renown.
- Diplomacy
- Entrenchment by Tempered
- Naval battles code by ruthven (although they are quite buggy - at least in my system)
- Formations (by Chel, edited by D'Sparil)
- Recruiter's kit
- Improved Morale by jacobhinds
- Villages now have their own defenses, so be careful!
- Several new scenes in cities, castles and villages.
- Some of the tweaks i liked most from The Eagle and the Radiant Cross.
- Lots of New Lore & Background stories
- Many hidden references to Movies and History!
- Live the experience of italian Reinassance and late middle-age without the unsubstainable weight of historical learning!
- Join the Alma Mater and fight to spread the light of knowledge in the world!


- joining a siege defense as an enlisted freelancer will cause a menu loop. Until i have realized how to fix the bug, you need to desert your party to continue playing.
- when you start a new game, you have to set yourself as "commoner" in the slide. If you start as noble, you will not be taken to the character screen, and you will have to open it yourself.
-conversations might (rarely, and never in the latest playtest) cause ctd, i still don't know why
- when joining a naval battle, it will be fought as a land battle. Being the primary attacker or defender works fine.
- if you send your companions away to increase your right to rule, they will never come back
- despite what the menu says at the beginning of the game, the camera is not supposed to move after you die. Don't listen to the menu, the menu lies.

I'm not a coder myself, so if anyone would like to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated.


You need to have a standard bearer in your party for this to work.
Press J to form ranks around the player.
Press K to form ranks around a standard bearer.
Press U to solve the ranks.

Only some (well, most of) the infantry units can form ranks.


Factions do not have a single troop tree anymore. Troops from villages can usually provide infantry and ranged units. Once you join a faction, you will be able to recruit cavalry, standard bearers and some other special units.

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Struggle for Bermia

Struggle for Bermia

Full Version 1 comment

It's year 1426. No more than 14 years ago, the Laurian king, Luis Loher, seized the Duchy of Apulia, assuring for himself a bridge-head to the fertile...

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Any news? I hope this mod is still alive.

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Hope this is still being worked on.

It's a very good mod with lot's of potential.

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I really like your mod and it is great but i have one problem. I have been playing for a few days now and now I can't find guns and cartridges in towns. At the beginning there are guns available but then they simply disappear.

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AB_Nikephoros Creator

Hi, thanks for the comment!
Unfortuntely, that seems to be a bug that had carried on from the original source of the mod.
I have not been able to find a solution, but i'm working on it.
Your best bet is to pick up firearms from the battlefield (you will keep them) or to store on them in the first weeks of play.

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The mod looks pretty decent, interesting troop trees from what I can tell and nice map. However there are some things that need to be fixed and some that could be improved.
For example the super annoying 'SCRIP ERROR ON OPCODE 2204' message, it appears pretty much every minute while walking on the map and covers almost all of the left side of the screen. When/if you're enlisted in an army it's basically constantly blocking half the screen.
Furthermore it appears that you can Not buy any form of footwork. I've been to 8 different towns and found no boots in any of them! This is quite gamebreaking in my opinion.
You also might want to add the option to view troop trees in game like with some other mods, for example 'realistic mod'. The facion relations report sheet from said mod and others would also be a very nice addition.
Thanks and keep up the good work

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AB_Nikephoros Creator

As for the OPCODE error message, is something i have been trying to fix.

Regarding boots, gloves and firearms, that seems to be a bug that had carried on from the original source of the mod.
I have not been able to find a solution, but i'm working on it.
Your best bet is to pick up firearms from the battlefield (you will keep them) or to store on them in the first weeks of play (i pasted the answer to the above comment because it's basically the same question).

The freelancer thing is a recognized feature of the freelancer mod: you have to click on one of the buttons in bar at the bottom of the screen, and that will allow you to change inventory, look at party etc.

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uhm i think you should improve your game like : add phased load or somethings to make your mod better bro so i think in the furture your mod would be better.And i have played and it good :)

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AB_Nikephoros Creator

Thanks! What exactly do you mean with "phased load"?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

it mean like when you reload your gun it could be more detail in reload like wfas

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i think phased reload is when at one point in the reload anim for guns you can walk slowly, (i think it happens when you are done ramming the musket/rifle)

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