StormCraft Armies is a mod developed on Starcraft 2 (SC2) Galaxy engine. It is divided into multiple compnonents: Lore and Multiplayer. Multiplayer component features a single RTS environment, where you can play as many factions from various Blizzard universes (Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo) clashing toghether. The Multiplayer component is in the stage of Open Beta and is released in all SC2 Regions (Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and Korea) and is available for free for all Started Edition SC2 accounts (free accounts). Simply search "StormCraft Armies" and enjoy the experience!

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StormCraft Armies has been updated to version 3.0 (Beta) - adding lots of new units and upgrades for all the factions! Adding new Commanders, new way of unlocking commanders, a whole new playable Faction from the Warcraft universe - The Amani Tribe, new UI, new features - truly this is the biggest update ever for SCA project!

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The biggest StormCraft Armies update is finally here and the wait is over! The update features a new playable faction from the Warcraft universe - The Amani Tribe.

Showcasing Amani faction and commanders!

Also, the subfaction system has been revamped and replaced with a new Commander system! If you are familiar with Starcraft 2's official Co-Op mode (Allied Commanders) - you might know what to expect from the basics of the feature. In SCA, however, there are a few differences:

* At the start of the game you select your faction. Each faction has 6 Core units. These Core units are shared among all the Commanders of the selected faction.

* After selecting the faction you can select the commander. Each Commander has access to either 3 special units, which are unique to that commander or 1 special unit and 1 Hero unit (depending on the selected Commander)

Commander Danath Trollbane

* The starting commander for each faction is the most famous character within the faction. I.e. first commander for Warsong Clan is Grommash Hellscream, for Undead of Khanduras - King Leoric, for Amani Tribe - Chieftain Zul'jin.

* The rest of the commanders are unlocked by playing the game with the specific faction.
After each game you accumulate experience and gain levels with the selected commander. Next time you play the game you will notice that your commander will have a higher level and unlock new tech - new units, new upgrades, new abilities etc.

Each commander level of a specific faction adds +1 Mastery for that particular faction. I.e. gaining a Commander level on Zul'jin - adds +1 Mastery to Amani Tribe.

To unlock more commanders - gain enough Mastery points with the Faction of your choice!

Xul the Necromancer

Once you picked your commander and started the game - you'll be able to play the game on one of three available maps:

Map Selection

When the game starts you'll be able to play the game, harvest resources, train armies and annihilate your opponents!

Leoric Commander base

Commander Zul'jin's base

You can play StormCraft Armies: Worlds Collide 3.0 on Blizzard Arcade right now! Simply launch Starcraft 2 (Free to play version would be enough) browse the "Arcade" section and search "StormCraft" - launch the game and you'r set to go!

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