*** STF's Less Odious mod ***

This is a small Gorky 17 / Odium mod I made for myself and decided to share it.
New players will find the game a little more immersive and old players will find a little more challange (slightly harder to "cheese" the game).
Most nerfs were done just to reduce the amount of overpowered weapons and to reduce the amount of consumables that would usually stockpile.
I hope you enjoy it!


Removed company intros (Topware and Metropolis).

Renamed "Singing Mutant" to "Siren", "Judge Child" to "Juror", and "Grandma Child" to "Child" (they felt like placeholders compared to the names of other hybrids)
Renamed the final boss, to clear up a story overlook.
Corrected all instances of "Nato" with "NATO".

All melee weapons (bayonet, baseball bat, crowbar, axe) deal 5 less damage.
(1.1) Reduced Ion Rifle damage from 100 to 60 (was 80 in 1.0).
(1.1) Reduced Energy Blaster damage from 70 to 40 (was 60 in 1.0).
Reduced Flamethrower base damage from 30 to 20.
(1.2) Food heals 5, not 20.
(1.2) Adhesive Tape heals 15, not 30.
(1.2) Bandage heals 25 not 35
* NOTE: weapons that don't consume ammo are somewhat overpowered in vanilla and healing items are overabundant in vanilla, even if you barely scrape by most encounters, with food, adhesive tape and bandages being the worst offenders.

(1.2) Rifle Ammo and Pistol Ammo are found in stacks of 4, not 6.
Darts are now found in stacks of 3, not 5.
Replaced the 2 Shockers and the 2nd Liquid Nitrogen Thrower with 1 stack of Darts each, and replaced the 2nd Flamethrower with 1 Bottle of Gasoline.
* NOTE: fewer cheap stun options means more tactics. The game is actually pretty fun and challenging if you don't rely heavily on stunning.

Ovitz doesn't start with Matches, but starts with 1 Vodka instead.
(1.1) Ovitz, Sullivan and Trantigne start with 1.5x more Pistol and Rifle ammo (was 2x in 1.0).
* NOTE: One box of matches is more than enough, it fits to have Ovits smuggling a bottle of Vodka and you burn through quite a lot of Pistol and Rifle ammo in the Port and Sewer areas.


Tested on the English version of Gorky17 on Steam and it should be compatible with the GoG version as well.
Should be fully compatible with any other mods that don't use the .DAT files in this mod.
You must start a new game for most changes to take effect!


Extract the archive in your main game folder, overwriting existing files.
Remember to make backups first!
If you don't want the company intros removed, don't copy the "avi" folder.
If you don't want the renaming changes, don't copy the "lang.dat" file.


Feedback is, of course, welcome.
In addition, if you have any knowledge modding this game, I would need help understanding the following, to further improve the mod:
- how to permanently fix the Incubus boss crash bug present in the vanilla game.
- how to change the enemy resistances so that the changes actually take effect.
- how to change the amount of turns needed for the charge-based weapons to recharge.


Please don't host this mod on other sites without my permission. Link it to where I uploaded it instead. Thanks!

I used HxD hex editor to edit the game's .DAT files - it's pretty straightforward. I arrived at these results mostly through trial and error and a little bit by lurking Russian forums.
Probably not gonna update this mod too often, but I will if I need to, know how and find the time.

That is all,

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STF's Less Odious mod 1.2

STF's Less Odious mod 1.2

Full Version

INSTALL Extract the archive in your main game folder, overwriting existing files. Remember to make backups first! If you don't want the company intros...


have u played the revelati mod? u should put the player more slowly and the monsters faster as he did. That make a really interesting change to the game.

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stf911 Creator

Thanks for the feedback!

I did play Revelati's mod and it's fun in its own way, but its scope and goals are different enough that I wouldn't compare it much with this mod.

I'm currently working on making Medusa (because hybrid) faster, while making Dobrovsky (because elderly) and Slavsky (because overweight) slower. Small tweaks to their attributes may also be necessary.

Besides adding variety, this should help balance out the temporary characters, since Joan and Anna cannot use heavy weapons and Medusa cannot use any item.

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