Station 51 is a single player mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2. You are on the run from the Combine closing in on your outpost. Can you escape?

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It's a short mod but damn if it isn't done to the highest standard. Level design is quite great and gameplay is classic HL2 mod gameplay even when it comes from a bit more modern a mod. My only sort of complaint stems from gameplay being maybe a little bit too easy, but hey, it's great for some people. Overall, the mod didn't feel like a waste of time, much of opposite, and I'm grateful for it. Now go play it! And learn some mapping tips if you're a mod designer.

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I was pretty impressed at the start. The mod jumps right into the action with snipers, combine, dropships, etc. No tedious learning curve, since MOD-players are experienced players. The good design puts monsters below you, under you and make them flank left and right. After that the MOD sadly starts to decline. Before the zombie part you have to shoot the energy ball to unlock the door. There is no reason for that advanced security to be there and what makes it even more strange is that the gravity…

May 10 2013 by Hezus