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This mod is currently set shortly after the TMP Era. Eventually, once that version is complete, we will be possibly working on a Timelines style mod, where you start with Archer and the NX-01 and progress up the the Enterprise E.

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Sept 5, Just a quick little update for everyone. Wouldn't want you all to think that we are dying on you. The mod is still alive

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Sept. 5,2018

Hey Guy's

Just wanted to pop in and ask how everyone is doing, also to let y'all know the mod isn't dead.

I just got caught up in real world stuff that needed my attention. and hopefully soon I will get back to working on this beauty. Also I almost have a new demo beta for you. when I get around to releasing it you will no longer need the old one, as there is many different changes that will make the old one obsolete. also I will be releasing 2 demo's for you. one will be for the updated sins 1.92 and the other for sins 1.91 so depending on which version of Sins you have will determine which version you will need to download. So hope to have your demo's released soon. i'm not sure where there at as far as being released, since i kinda forgot where i was at, however, When i get back to working on them i'm quickly remember where I was at.

July 17,2018

Hello Everyone,

Mastechief9732 here,

I just wanted to come in for a few minutes and give y'all a quick update. I know I know it's been since April of any news, I apologize, i been busy with personal health issues, family business, and other hobbies. but i had to take a break to figure some stuff out, well today I have begun work back on the mod full time and I have some new ideas I think you all will love, I also will be making some changes to the demo as-well.

I will be starting the mod from scratch, it's easier to do the new coding of the mod this way, mainly since i really don't remember where exactly i left off from before. how ever even tho i will be doing this, it's very easy to port over the work already done. but now that i have begun for work on the mod, would like to extend out to anyone who is, or would like to contribute to this mod, via Modeling, coding, texturing, that has free time to do so. please send me a pm. once i get everything swapped back around for the mod work I will be posting some new screen shots. of the redesigned in-game menu's and over lays as well the new ship icon's Also there is gonna be a few ship changes. some ships will be removed, and ships will be changed around, also a few other things, while this is going to happen at this time i won't say why. I'm keeping that a surprise for now. And no guys this mod isn't dead, and it will not die, work may be slow since right now i'm currently the only one working on this mod, the other guys have performed above and beyond wonderful works. which their names are mentioned in past updates.

As always happing gaming,


April 9,2018

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to pop in here and give you all an update, as I am sure that you would like to know where we are at in our progress. Firstly, the Federation has a good deal of ships ingame right now, most are hardpointed but there are still a few that are not. With the Help of SquireJames, we have filled in the remaining slots with the Constructor, Freighters, and a couple other ships.

About a month ago, I added the Klingon K'tinga class to take some fun screenshots with the Constitution, and today I have added a couple more units, pictures to come. things are progressing, mainly we are adding in the units and then fleshing out the abilities for each class to make them worth while.



April 9, 2018,

We have had some changes in our team some have moved on to other things, some don't have time. what ever the reason(s) those people will be missed. How ever the mod is still very much alive. and some time this week I will be uploading a WORK IN PROGRESS BETA version with that being said it's a little teaser for all of you awesome people to sink your teeth in. to enjoy. we know there is still much to be done bu what i would like to do by releasing this WIP is allow us as a community to grow together as this mod continues to develope. also this upload kinda give you a idea of some of the things to look for in the mod. what our main goal is to do is get all of the different ships playable in game then we will come back an start changing the research and upgrades an things like that. but my main focus is to give you the ships to play around with. with that being said. sofar the Federation is the only race that has most of their ships playable of course you still have stock vanilla race players. and as far as balance, i'd say it's not really balanced yet. but we will get there. so ladies an gentlemen sometime this week there will be a upload.

as always Happy Gaming, Masterchief :)


What changes will we expect to see in the next update? Another faction?

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