Within the darkness between the stars a rift has been opened in the fabric of space and time to melt the gameplay of space-fighter-adventures from the 90s with the action of Unreal Tournament and bring them back to our galaxy. Choose from a variety of fighters and bombers, fit them out with lasers and missiles and fly attack runs on enemy convoys and gigantic warships. Defend your carrier against torpedoes and bombers. Attack turrets and subsystems to weaken enemy warships before your bombers begin their final torpedo-run. Now get your gear and report to the hangar deck, pilot! Your mission awaits you…

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These crates and gadgets upgrade your ship's weapons and systems. Have a first look an it...

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These are some models for spaceship-pickups. They can be collected by simply flying against them. The type of pickup ad its distance will be displayed on your HUD via a small symbol.

Different classes of pickups also have different designs:
Repair glows blue.
Weapons and Rockets glow red.
Tech and Powerups glow yellow.


They are floating in open space or will be provided by larger support-spaceships.

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