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Mar 21 2016 Anchor


I'm attempting to create a map on the newest version of the mod, however all the newly added planets are referred to as "Stars" making it impossible to know what any are without just adding it to the map first. Is this supposed to be how it is?


I believe I know the reasoning -- all the planets are referenced as Stars_XXXX_XXX. I'm thinking that map designer treats underscores as a line end. Planets probably need to be named with no underscore for map designer compatibility.

EDIT 2::

I was super wrong. The reason for this is because it was just set this way probably to save time... I'm going to fix it -- is there any way I can share the updated strings/def for other users to use?

Aparently I'm some kind of moron that can't figure out how the strings system works, because despite defining the string

 ID "Stars_Random_Any"
 Value "Stars: Random Any"
all I'm getting is the string not found when I reference it
 designName "Stars_RANDOM_Any"
 designStringId "Stars_RANDOM_Any"

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Mar 22 2016 Anchor

Hello ^..^

I guess you are using ingame ganerator here, which is not recommended, as it is unable to create fully connected systems - map style used in mod.

Instead, you could try Galaxy Forge, which is in the mod folder.


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