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Stargate Space Conflict is a total conversion for Homeworld 2 that aims to recreate the universe of the Stargate franchise. This version is no longer supported, please visit our new page on ModDB for Homeworld: Remastered:

Aliah says

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The mod is uninspired and unoriginal. The updates created by the mod team are often hollow pictures re-done in Photoshop so the mod can be placed at the top of ModDB listing more often, ahead of many times, better Homeworld 2 mods.
Actual game-play from the mod is heavily bug-filled, textures are low quality, maps often have 'fake resource asteroids' to frustrate gameplay, English translations are pretty much French poorly-translated into Engrish. Most of their maps and materials are cannibalized from other mods(Star Wars Warlords, Star Trek Continuum, Battlestar Galactica), the interface ingame is dark and cluttered, being almost unreadable on the even darker maps contained in the mod.
A single good thing is that the AI attacks and moves aggressively, and seems to know what it's doing, but since so much is taken from other mods, I have to wonder if that's not entirely original work.
Once the novelty of playing with Stargate ships wears off, there's not much left to lift the mod up over its much-better peers such as Star Trek Continuum(and I'm not even a fan of Star Trek), Path to Victory, or even against older mods like Star Wars Warlords.
This is what happens when you try to turn the modding scene into Electronic Arts strategy sessions.

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Stargate Space Conflict is definitely an impressive mod. Even more, I will consider it as a full-Stargate experience. I can’t believe how far Phoenix Interactive have gone with this. The visuals, the gameplay, the fidelity, the features. This total-conversion is really outstanding, and you don’t even need to play that much to see how much effort has been made on this Stargate mod. The features are equally both impressive, whether it's for the visual ones, the attention to detail, the sounds…

Dec 27 2014 by Valent_Mercury