SG-1 Missions is a singleplayer modification of the older known Stargate TC multiplayer mod, it delivers hard 11 missions that take place in the Stargate universe. Unfortunately, the mod itself in its current version is problematic and would often crash, it also came with a 3rd party software to launch maps that quite frankly was broken. Remod is both a gameplay and HD modification for SG1M that attempts to repair the crashes of the original, remove the off-putting mission manager thus allowing players to simply select any mission they wish to play, change some of the difficult/unfair/confusing gameplay, and improves the visual look to look just a bit better.

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A couple of days replaying the levels over and over again with little to no crashes finally encouraged me to finally release this little thing. Hope you all enjoy this enjoyable troublemaker!

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Now that i've practically remember step by step on how to play literally all the missions, with little to no crashes, i'd figured i would finally release the mod!


Hopefully, you all can enjoy this remod!


- Any maps with console_commande "disconnect" will stop working if you leave and return to the same map, this wasn't too much of a problem in other missions due to it's linearity {unless you backtrack), but Tollana is most noticable, just "Return to SGC" once you see the fade.

- Bloody Snow has an issue where if you placed the bomb too close to the door, you will get stuck on the bomb's brush, keeping a little distance should give you room to run.

- Zat'nik'tel is still OP, no dice trying to modify the configs.

- Qwertyus has brought to my attention that if you have LoadLibrary error to try to copy fmod.dll from the "sgm1.1" to the main "half-life" directory, or in "dll" directory.

Thanks Qwertyus!

On other news, here's stuff i've changed about the entire mod, since i wasn't really telling all of the changes before, only minor-ish stuff.

SPOILER WARNING though, so be warned if you want to play the mod with as little ingame info as possible!


- Replaced all mission_end sequences to either "disconnect" console_commande or trigger_endsection.

- Changed starting weapons for :
1. Tollana - Knife instead of P90, P90 and Beretta can be found at dead SG members.
2. Area 51 - Knife instead of Beretta
3. Help - P90 instead of Knife/P90/Beretta/ZAT/M16/USAS
4. Cimmeria - Added PSG, but replaced M16 with MP5
5. Snow - MP5 and Zat'arc instead of Knife/Zat'nik'tel/M16/USAS

- Some weapon entities were moved a bit to prevent multiple trigger crash, some are removed.

- Info_landmark moved a little bit in SGC, Tollana, and Help.

- Traps removed from mission_demo_2.

- trigger_hurt removed from temple.

- Laser turrets removed, insta kill hitscans are awful.

- Cimmeria ceiling trap removed.

- Netu info_player_start moved, should start at the cavern entrance instead of on top of it, preventing accidental lava/platform death.

- help_4's func_wall_toggle replaced with func_breakable and func_door speed reduced.

- Reduced Goa'uld "tank" effectiveness.

- Reduced effectiveness of temple_3's deadly traps.

- Removed autosaves from maps, they just broke the game.

- russie's player_loadsaved removed.

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